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  1. Mister Cartoons Widebody Camaro
  2. Couple other evos we have done
  3. Some of our previous Sema builds
  4. DTM is here for all your paint and body needs!
  5. Some work on a Customers evo x
  6. Full paint and install JDM evo 9 rear buimpers
  7. Mitsubishi Evo X VR Front Aero Bumpers now available!
  8. We now have Varis Style sideskirts for the EVO X, test fitting soon
  9. Work on a Lotus Exige Rear widebody
  10. New varis parts and do luck CF tru being painted and installed on a Cosmic blue evo x
  11. Rebuilding a wrecked evo 9 back to its glory
  12. Running a promotion for this summer at DTM
  13. Repairing and restoring a rear ended evo 8
  14. Evo 9 in for repairs, rear end and front drivers fender and front bumper
  15. Another apex silver evo 9 gsr se came in for repairs.
  16. Painted calipers thread
  17. Up and comming little beast project for sema
  18. evo x Varis rear bumper painted
  19. Hood Damage
  20. Some pics of current cars in the shop being prepped for sema and other car shows
  21. Evo x Varis Replica/style Widebody kit available now in FRP
  22. WW evo 9 in for rear end repairs
  23. Sema 2014 cars we did
  24. 2011 ww evo x in for repairs.
  25. WW evo 8 in for frontal repairs.
  26. Random evo parts painted in the shop
  27. 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander in for a front end collision
  28. 2014 Phantom Black evo x in for front end repair
  29. 2014 Cosmic Blue evo x in for front end repair
  30. 2006 Tarmac black evo repainting a few parts
  31. Varis bumper cam in for paint and install
  32. 2006 TB evo 9 came in for some repairs on bumper and lip
  33. 2014 Rally Red evo x in for some repairs
  34. Evo 8 front bumper in for a respray
  35. Varis runduce style bumper in for paint and install
  36. 2005 GG evo 8 mr in for rear accident repair
  37. 2006 Evo 9 in for vandalism repair
  38. 2004 TB Evo 8 for front end repair.
  39. 2011 WW evo x in for rear end repair
  40. Cars that we have worked on at the shop
  41. Jdm Rear installed and realigned front on evo 9 mr
  42. Doing a special build for a customer overseas a Veilside Fortune widebody RX-7
  43. 2006 GG 9 in for front end repair
  44. 06 Tarmac Black evo in for some paint work
  45. Varis Widebody evo X project
  46. GG evo x in for accident repairs
  47. Repainting a customers cracking roof from previous shop
  48. 06 Rally Red evo 9 RS came in for quarter panel damage repair.
  49. GG evo x in for rear end accident repair.
  50. WW evo x in for front end repair
  51. Voltex side skirts\fenders\over fenders painted for a sema customer.
  52. 06 Rally Red Evo in for rear end damage.
  53. GG Evo x in for front end collision
  54. Evo x Varis ultimate kit