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  1. NEW evo video!!!
  2. How did you find out about SoCalEvo.net?
  3. Socalevo should be changed to Socalbevo? POLL
  4. Best Upgrades for the money etc...
  5. Rosemead/Montebello/San Gabriel evo's
  6. Chances of taking a Mach 1???
  7. Best Tires
  8. Intake suggestion please
  9. Found more available clutches...
  10. Santa Clarita Evos
  11. Take the jail bait test!!!!!!
  12. Run off the road!
  13. For those interested in the WORKS reflash...
  14. New Billet parts for Evo and Lancer
  15. Tire prices. So cal
  16. SEMA evo's (LOTS of pix of modded evos)
  17. how much did you pay for your EVO?
  18. TCRA track event at laguna Seca DEC 20,21st
  19. WTF I dont have a rev limiter!!!!!
  20. SoCalEuro Event...
  21. SoCalEvo.net featured in MMSA internal newsletter!
  22. Brembo Brakes for the EVO
  23. SoCalEvo.net 2004 Calendar
  24. Our pics from SEMA
  25. To mod, or not to Mod?
  26. Willow Springs Streets of Willow Video...
  27. 818Racing and RoadRaceEngineering Team Up!
  28. Autocross results
  29. what is cali missing?
  30. where to get s2000 antenna?
  31. Are Cold air intakes pointless on turbo cars?????
  32. You think the EVO is in demand??!
  33. st I or st1
  34. Evo vs Ferarri
  35. What should I do next? Please Help
  36. 2004 Evolution Poster Calendars...
  37. "Houston....MY evo has landed.... " - Finally
  38. Where to get or who can help me install my Defi guages??
  39. I think I screwd my self big time and destroyed my DEFI SET
  40. Would you put these on your headlights?
  41. to tint or not to tint...
  42. Cool Keychains...
  43. Employ bevis!!!!!
  44. EVO 8 MR.........LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. Evo 7 tail light group buy
  46. o2 eliminator DP vs 'regular' DP?
  47. tires
  48. new
  49. A lot of questions people might feel too stupid too ask
  50. Evol Opinions In the Print Media
  51. Kill all Trolls...
  52. AVO exhaust
  53. new member - DRAG Sport Magazine
  54. WORKS 2004 Product Launch / Holiday Sale
  55. Vishnu Xflash
  56. best place to go for dyno time
  57. canyon run and miles of miada's...
  58. Evo 8 Calendars for SALE
  59. How to.... *sigh*
  60. Just got my evo!!!
  61. Rhys Millen Wins Ramada Express Rally
  62. ATP Turbo is coming out with a GT30R upgrade...
  63. If i were to buy some parts?
  64. Evo 8 calendars are in stock and ready for shipment
  65. Just Ordered my rims
  66. MR JDM Tail lights for EVO VIII
  68. 255 40 17 Sportcups...
  69. MY CAR!!! wet nap needed!
  70. Just to drop by and say HI
  71. Bodyshop for custom work needed!
  72. EVO VI style Body Kit for EVO III
  73. Service Schedule?
  74. Clutch Help
  75. Anyone of you have kartboy short shift?
  76. Any good bodyshop around LA area?
  77. Driving Technique Forum Suggestion?
  78. Rolled/Flared fender shop...
  79. APS cold air intake review.........
  80. small battery kit
  81. HID Lighting...
  82. SocalEvo.net at the Auto Show
  83. David leaving WORKS at the end of this week.
  84. custom 3 inch piping with stock exhaust
  85. tail lights mod
  86. Pics of Bushour racing 2.5 down pipe with fresh jethot coat
  87. good car stereo shop in west LA
  88. new rims
  89. Car and Driver: Evo Vs. Sti video
  90. Where can i get boost guage with install?
  91. Evo on Hacienda Blvd.
  93. To be exact....
  94. Turbo Evolution and SoCalEvo.net ad in PAS.
  95. new toys installed
  96. Can it be true? Back to Cali?
  97. Sighting
  98. What shift knob to put on the evolution?
  99. Is your Evo "street legal"?
  100. 2004 Evo - Specs?
  101. Tomei 260 degree cams
  102. 9000K Kelvin on JDM EVO HIDz?
  103. Diff. between boost guage and boost controller?
  104. Anyone know any good Stereo Install Shops?
  105. more love for my baby
  106. Anyone knows how to blacken/cook the evo front/tail lights.
  107. Greddy BOV Mitsu Flange for sale.....
  108. Headlight Mod
  109. Greddy TI cat back review
  110. Vishnu Products in L.A. cars?
  111. i hate tickets, but i need to ask this...
  112. Trade Evo w/sunroof for Evo w/o sunroof??
  113. Tax and License???
  114. A new take on "red tail lights"
  115. Evo Sighting in Temecula/Murrieta area
  116. is everybodys clutch weight different?
  117. need help to install EGT probe
  119. new dyno run
  120. Tein High Techs installed (pics)
  121. Pulp Racing now has an EVO 8
  122. Another mod idea from Vegasboy
  123. DSport Magazine - Project EVO
  124. 1:35 at Big Willow today
  125. Open Track Challenge racers wanted!!!!
  126. Poll on new site idea for evo drivers site
  127. has anyone buffed out wheels instead of painting
  128. A big meet for us... lol East Coast
  129. thunderhill Feb
  130. Review on dynoflash
  131. Car seems slower, Check light, and stuttering/boggin issues.
  132. SPAM
  133. Yikes, I think I pushed Carbotech out of the Evo market!
  134. $100 to the fastest EVO at Thunderhill
  135. Does anybody know what exhaust this is?
  136. 550hp EVO Pictures
  137. update on that 70mph in a 35 mph ticket...if anyones curious
  138. Mileage When You Bought Your Evo
  139. Thunder hill FEB 8th Are we gona roll together???
  140. AL and HOMOFLASH fuck up agian......
  141. New to the board - Any of you drag race?
  142. If you can only install 2 gauges
  143. First Oil Change
  144. installed new Porterrfields R-4 today
  145. Look at the EVO!!! Rally babe!!!!!!!
  146. Just got invited to Sport Compact Cars "EVO Tuners Shoo
  147. Hunington Mitsubishi-Good service plus price.
  148. Cusco carbon twin disc clutch?
  149. Rear exhaust heat shields!
  150. does anybody know hp/tq gains on hks carbon/ti exhaust???
  151. GHL exhaust
  152. Roll bars????????
  153. front splitters and adjusting wing???
  154. Anybody know which is BEST SHORT THROW SHIFTER?
  155. GOGO EVO are you out there.
  156. Anyone have Lower Arm Bars?
  157. Opinions on race clutch
  159. Hows your Paint on your Evo Holding up?
  160. Cam Gear Install Help
  161. Look at what happened on the way to the body shop :(
  162. EVO 7 JDM Tail light help!!
  163. UK EVO 8 badges back in stock.....
  164. Evo's in the rain?
  165. Car Cover
  166. attn: rally red evo owners...
  167. gba data logger.
  168. Carbon Fiber Hoods: Anyone have pics of theirs and pricing?
  169. The story of RRE's JIC setup and Porsche STS event 1:13.870
  170. What does a 500+whp Evo feel like???
  171. I NEED BRAKES HELP!!!!!!!!
  172. lots of killer video...
  173. Please define "TUNING"
  174. Darn Break-in Time!
  175. Hello everyone!
  176. Buschur + Road Race Engineering
  177. l
  178. Robi's Car Donation Fund
  179. How does the evo run with cams on piss 91 octane?
  180. What are some legal mods?
  181. Thunderhill Pictures!!
  182. My car is off the hook and its all thanks to John Mueller
  183. tein-s springs
  184. UK Badge install???
  185. powdercoating rims
  186. EVO VII (7)
  188. Upgrades
  189. New Pics of Sparco/Apex'i EVO VIII
  190. got speeding ticket?
  191. Robi, No bumper?
  192. coolguy949
  193. New Brake Pads
  194. Installed LNR CF Canards
  195. B@ST@RDS!!
  196. Got me!!
  197. Coast Car Cover for Evo VIII
  198. Shout out from a new member
  199. Front License Plate
  200. Who here has gotten pulled over for their exhaust??
  201. Evolution MR released!!!!!!!2/13/04
  202. check it out Evo vs ITR
  203. Evo FAQ on SoCalEvo.net
  205. Has anyone clocked their own 1/8 mile
  206. sup guys need some help
  208. yes another victim of the ghey chp
  209. user "Monster"any body have his phone number???
  210. I wanna hear some 272's before I take the plunge
  211. Yay! Got my Evo back!
  213. New pics of my car
  214. Any good exhaust shops in SoCal?
  215. slit under driver seat
  216. Help me people...i just bought my EVO and i need advice!!
  218. Just Got My Car... But...
  219. got back from the state ref
  220. How much did you pay for pay for your EVO??
  221. A-pillar gauges
  222. god bless 76
  223. Newer Pics of my car
  224. The new IX I think ill stick with the 8
  225. pros and cons of turbo back...
  226. ferrari
  228. Stupid Child
  229. 17" or 18" wheels....
  230. Exhaust Noise and the Law of California
  231. I raced Ben Affleck!!!
  232. 818 Racing looking to sponsor EVO for Hot Import Nights!
  233. What do you think about my car?
  236. HEADUNITS!!
  237. Chris, dont sell your Evo!!!
  238. Traffic School Hook Up for SoCalEvo
  239. What else is there to do while pumping gas??
  240. D1 Grand Prix pics are up.....
  241. Anyone knows where to buy racing fuel?
  242. where to get the HKS SPF/RC filters?
  243. DSport EVO8 - new pics
  244. So, what did everyone drive before they got their Evo's?
  245. What body shop is good in socal? San fernando valley
  246. whose evo and wrx is that?
  247. Blue Evo built for supercar challenge
  248. So. Cal Evo Regional forums??????
  249. Front Plate?
  250. EVO owners in the 818 Valley area, Need help!!