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  29. Announcing our new site for the GTR: USGTR.COM
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  31. Couple of new polls added to front page.
  32. OFFICIAL SoCalEvo.net Evo X Introductory Meet!
  33. New forums added for the Evo X and Lancer Ralliart!
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  35. Forum Notice: Problem Member To Be Removed
  36. Special Event: Open to Evo X MR and GSR owners this Saturday 9/6
  37. Upcoming changes.
  38. New Forum Added: Job Search and Careers
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  40. Expanded Photo and Attachment Storage and other ugprades!
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  42. New Category added for other Mitsu models.
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  45. Special Event: Maxxis Car Search!
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  49. Vendor Suspended: Reese Tuning
  50. SCE is looking for volunteers
  51. FYI: Database Maintenance at 4:45pm 4/14/2012
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  55. NOTICE: The site will be taken down at 12pm PST 3/30/2013
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  57. New site moderator: Macky
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  59. BtackTuning Vendor Removed from SoCalEvo.net
  60. Yahoo e-mail delays.
  61. FYI: 2017 Updates and Improvements
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