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  1. HKS Type 0/Type 1 turbo timers
  2. Boost guage install
  3. "Service Engine Soon" light came on
  4. crackle noise from headliner or pillar...
  5. wheels w/18's
  6. What kind of fluid does the intercooler sprayer use .....
  7. Installation instructions needed.
  8. HKS TT Type w/ Factory Alarm
  9. Blitz FATT dual TT HELP!!!!!!!!
  10. Cusco oil catch can help
  11. P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire - should i worry??
  12. P0300 Code
  13. SS clutch line install help
  14. HKS SSQV Recirculating kit Install
  15. Crank Pully Install help
  16. A very SIMPLE Turbonetic MBC install question ????
  17. MBC users PLEASE HELP?????!!!!
  18. Is it suppost to have this much oil???????????
  19. Cusco Front sway bar
  20. removing restirctor on stock clutch how to?
  21. blitz tt install help..
  22. need help adjusting boost
  23. Rattle while downshifting from 2-1 shift... any suggestions?
  24. Greddy Profec B- Spec II Help
  25. Defi D-Gauge
  26. Turbo Back Install?
  27. Installing Oil Catch cans.......
  28. HKS Suction Kit
  29. Hm, can't decide where to place my Apex Ground stabilizer ki
  30. Sports Meter Kit
  31. Questions
  32. SS Clutch Line Install Day.
  33. Greddy Bov Conversion kits
  34. Please help! Turbo timer/Factory alarm
  35. help with my greddy tt
  36. New EVO, squeaky brakes
  37. Is it a synchro?
  38. 2nd and 3rd gear Crunch
  39. HELP!
  41. any shops near LA that can install my HKS TT Type-0?
  42. Buschur DP is hitting the Tranny, please help!
  43. HKS Circle Earth
  44. VIS Trunk - Wing Install Help
  45. NEED HELP!
  46. weird turning noise
  47. is there a "HOW TO" install and wire the MR headli
  48. tranny fluid
  49. HKS BOV-Weird Noise
  50. Upper Intercooler Pipe
  51. How Do I remove the Rear Brake Pads
  52. whats wrong with my car
  53. how much tranny fluid
  55. Boost gauge problem???
  56. anybody have the means to conduct a pressure test?
  57. Looking for cam install tool
  58. greddy turbo timer install questions / other timers
  59. HOW MUCH TO INSTALL???????
  60. DP Install Help
  61. 1st to second shift noise
  62. Please help recomend anything
  63. Is it okay to drive the car with fried catalytic converter?
  65. Rear Diff fluid change.
  66. hey with turboxs BOV and aem intake
  67. Intake Pipe Plug (for VTA BOVs)
  69. Help tuning the Greddy Type s BOV
  70. installed K$N TYPHOON SUCKS
  71. Help installing grounding kit...
  72. GT35/40R
  73. H.I.D's?
  74. restrictor pills???
  75. SES light after installing RRE Ralli-Cat and fluids...
  78. lost boost with injen intake/upper ic...is this normal?
  79. Weird RPM problem in new MR.. help?
  80. Help Installing 4pt Sparco Harness w/ Harness Bar
  81. HELP FRONT TIRES WORE OUT AT 9000 MILES!!!!!??????
  82. having problems with safc and hks rs suction intake
  83. Headlight Blackout...
  84. need help
  85. HKS TT Type-1 Help!!!
  86. Injen intake and hallman mbc
  87. Walbro Fuel pump:
  88. Defi HUD VSD
  89. HKS SSQV Blow off valve aluminum cap
  90. HELP... code p0102
  91. stereo install help!!
  92. RNR intake piping
  93. SRS light....long...need help
  95. Car wants to die at idle.
  96. HELP Amp Grounding??
  97. Upgrading to HID from Halogen any comments?
  98. How do I remove the rear bumper on my EVO VIII
  99. just installed bigger intercooler and now i get BOV flutter
  101. Humming noise on braking!!
  102. GReddy Upper IC Pipe
  103. stupid BOV Q's?
  104. Oil Pressure Help
  105. AEM EMS Installation Help
  106. Suggestions for EGT probe install...
  107. How do I detach my tail lights?
  108. service engine soon light issue
  109. Radio Install ASAP
  110. need tips to replace belts
  111. torques specs for downpipe
  112. defi control unit wiring
  113. humming noise when i downshift
  114. defi boost gauge
  115. Window rain guards install
  116. tapping noise ?
  117. ignition help....
  118. Buschur Exhaust problem
  119. The Helix Rattles!!! **Fixed**
  120. HKS EVC???
  121. GReddy PRofec B-spec II help
  122. DEFI BF EGT sensor placement: which runner?
  123. HKS EVC Help, cant get boost past 14.5 psi
  124. INJEN intake and APS bov
  125. oil on 1st spark plug?
  126. Wanted: Alarm Uninstall, and possible Dash help
  127. Need help:Tein S Tech install
  128. Autometer boost gauge question...
  129. Having Evo problems
  130. help installing injectors
  131. Help needed to install turbo timer ASAP
  132. fuel pump install write up
  133. new clutch line
  134. boost control
  135. ticking noise from ?valve cover ? intake manifold?
  136. Evo Problem - Help ~ Help !!!
  137. WORKS DP help
  138. Everso bothersome do-it-yourself clutch replacement
  139. HKS Carbon-Ti Problem:UPDATE
  140. RRE Rally Cat Bolt Size
  141. Dissappointing [email protected]
  142. black out tail lights
  143. Advans: Is there any way to prevent uneven tire wear?
  144. NEED HELP!
  145. SES, CEL, test pipe, low catalyst, o2 sim, spark plug defouler MERGE
  146. Who knows how to install an EGT probe?
  147. strange noise from inside dash.. please comment
  148. Remove Front Bumper How To?
  149. Boost gauge & boost manual controller
  150. Stumbling at low rpm...advise?
  151. just installed boost gauge???
  152. quick ? bout mbc
  153. busted ass boost gauge
  154. ARC Oil Catch Can Install Help
  155. Zeitronix ZT-2
  156. Stupid drive thru car washes
  157. 03 Evo viper 791XV Alarm help? San Diego-*
  158. how to take out stock turbo?
  159. Lojack with turbo timer.
  160. OEM intercooler piping diagram
  161. Boost gauge install
  162. help..car wont stop trying to die!
  163. hks blow off valve version2
  164. having some troble
  165. APR Canards How ot install??
  166. Do Luck Install Help
  167. Damn Do Luck Is Harder than it look
  168. Dumb guy needs some help...
  169. Windshield Replacement
  170. any one tried this boost leak test
  171. Defi D boost gauge
  172. If I wanted two other gauges to go with my Boost Gauge.....
  173. need some suggestions
  174. non-HID conversion to OEM HID
  175. How do you remove the glove box
  176. can't get off, destroyed threads or rounded O2 SENSOR MERGE
  177. Defi d boost gauge HELP!!!
  178. middle hose on HKS EVC stepping motor?
  179. Car wont start, plz help a noob!
  180. installing a downpipe!
  181. Zeitronix install instructions?
  182. po300 code
  183. radio help!
  184. not hitting 19 in first help??
  185. Will an Sp Engineering Down Pipe fit an 05' GSR
  186. anyone know how to strip paint safely from my wing.
  187. "Service Engine Soon" light after filling with SHELL V-Power
  188. super loud ticking
  190. Tach On Evo?????
  191. cant get my palm to hot sync with my pc?
  192. Car has problem please help!!
  193. p0171
  194. mbc help install?
  196. XS intercooler
  197. turbotimer having problems
  198. Help install T-bolt clamps in OC area
  199. Carbon Fiber V-Generator?
  200. Clutch Trouble!! RIGHT NOW.
  201. Hks bov SOMEONE HELP!! plz
  202. T bolt clamps... anyone kno where to get em??!
  203. seibon cf hood grill question
  204. help! having problems with my boost
  205. help! exhaust manifold problem
  206. how to check coils?
  207. I Hate my car
  208. help me to install blow off valve
  209. Has Anyone Had Problems With the STEERING PUMP PULLY?
  210. Any ECU flashers here?
  211. Tranny Noise at idleling "HELP"
  212. Boost spike problem.
  213. Exhaust Hanger Help
  214. bov leak
  215. greddy profec boost controller 20 pound max??!!
  216. Anyone do installs?
  217. o2 Simulator Install - ECU Power Supply Question
  218. Brighter instrument lights discussion
  219. stock boost solenoid
  220. the 2 bolts between downpipe and manifold
  221. black tailights?
  222. Nedd help installing MBC
  223. GReddy TT (help)
  224. HKS SSQ BOV Issues...
  225. Stock Tails...
  226. Vegas trip...
  227. Help with a installing a boost guage
  228. I thaught the EVO maxed out at 19PSI stock im peaking at 22psi ?
  229. 2nd gear grinding?
  230. gauges *craziness*
  231. Fuel pump nightmare
  233. any one know how to install Injen upper IC pipe
  234. EIDS install help
  235. Anyone know how to swap hood vents ?
  236. AFC might be going out on me?
  237. TPS only 99% HELP :'(
  238. turbo kit install problems advice needed
  239. po300code blues (Part II)
  240. car is running like hell, help me!!!
  241. replacing infinity headunit with an aftermarket one.
  242. took off mbc and need some help
  243. Car Bucks Wildly...
  244. *help* - the misfire woes
  245. Infinity system/sub - how is it all wired?
  246. Anybody know where the OBD2 diagnostic output is @ on the 03' evo
  247. Question
  248. HELLP!! "Overheating"
  249. Someone please ID these (pics 56K beware)
  250. hks turbo timer type 1