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  1. good place for alarm?
  2. Circut City and what they did to my Evo... UPDATE
  3. Redline fluids near Pasadena?
  4. SoCal dealerships, who's lenient w/ warranty and who isn't?
  5. Dynoflash -Thread Merge-
  6. Road Race Engineering -Thread Merge-
  7. Guidelines for Buyer's Corner and Resolution Process
  8. FYI: Sale at SRT Motorsports for SoCalEvo members
  9. Cheap tire mounting
  10. Works
  11. RMR Location??
  12. buschur racing :x
  13. Project Mu
  14. Gauges??? Can't decide?
  15. vr4 or evo
  16. Bulletproof does bad buisness!!!!!!!!
  17. Tuttle-Click Mitsubishi
  19. greetings from Tuttle-Click Mitsubishi.
  20. Anyone heard of GT Fabrications?
  21. Great Deals at Torrance Mitsubishi
  22. Harman Motive inc?
  23. HB Mitsubishi -Thread Merge-
  24. Mobil 1 on sale..
  25. a note about RoadRace
  26. Bluebat's Vinyl Overlays
  27. MyEvoStore.com -Thread Merge-
  28. 500whp/hanj74
  30. Where to install Exhuast+Downpipe?
  31. New Seats
  32. shops in san diego
  33. Buschur Racing New Part and Apparel! Take a look
  34. Ontario Mitsubishi re-evaluation.
  35. What's the best Method for selling a used evo 8?
  36. Vortex Generator = Less than $200
  37. SoCal...is this a good price? 04 Model pricing info
  38. ATTN: gt40 and others that can fab/weld
  39. Injen Super SES Exhaust
  40. RMR comes through again!
  41. Al d-flash??
  42. Boost controller? Turbo Timer? Gauges? What to get?
  43. good dealer around chicago land?
  45. Vielside body? where?
  46. 111/113/118 octane gasoline
  47. Shop for ceramic coating for downpipe in socal area?
  48. Black Evo VIII badge
  49. CAR Magazine Sept. issue
  50. Big Thank You to Evo-8
  51. Body Shops
  52. magnaflow TI
  53. special thanks to WORKS! (especially pete)
  54. What's a reasonable price for '05's in Jan?
  55. anyone know the price of a stock wastegate actuator?
  56. Leather Recaros
  57. ARC Induction Box
  58. Edit 10/20/04 NEW PRICE CHANGE New tail light/headlight mod
  59. who has the BEST deal on VII tails?
  60. Props to DriftSpeed!
  61. Walbro for 90 bucks shipped!
  62. '04 or '05
  63. Whom should i talk to at Huntington Beach Mitsu for service?
  64. HB Mitsu denied my warranty due to my car alarm
  65. any 04 white evos for sale?
  66. Where to buy a used Car hauler?
  67. where can i get endless ss-s pads?
  68. RS type trunk bar
  69. Vivid's Evo for sale
  70. WTB: EL2 System - Control Unit
  71. Evo MR listed on Ebay.
  72. Special Thanks to All
  73. New Update 3-21-05 Clear Bra Group Buy deal.
  74. UK Evolution III ensignia???
  75. MR dealer markup. Are these guys nuts!
  76. Need Endless Brake pads?
  77. Just wanted to say thanks again...
  78. Financing What Should I Do?
  79. Alittle help please, need information
  80. $2500 MR mark up at Poway Mits in San Diego
  81. I need C/F wing.....
  82. Transfer Case
  83. lightweight lug nuts
  84. WTB: Apex'i EL Gauges in So-Cal
  85. cheap injectors
  86. South Coast Mitsu -Thread Merge-
  87. AEBS?
  88. Any So Cal dealers selling MR's at sticker?
  89. Dealer Service
  90. carbon fiber hoods...places/brands recommended
  91. Torrance Mitsu shut down?
  92. WTB: who has the lowest price for 3" hi flow cat.
  93. carbon fiber inserts for headlight and tail lights
  94. Regular OZ lancer question on K2 coilover suspension.
  95. Hook up on mobil1@pepboys & more
  96. get to pep-boys NOW
  98. Where Can I Get My Springs Instaled around the 818 area???
  99. anybody have these items?
  100. Vendors in L.a. (Tuners)
  101. Greddy Type-S (Pruven Performance)
  102. i need some SILKS
  103. Recommandation for good body/paint shop !
  104. Autotooner Evo VIII Shirts** UPDATE**
  105. Lower IC Pipe
  106. Friend wants to buy an Evo tomorrow
  107. where to get an RS?
  108. Mitsubishi Evolution Apparel
  109. RRE mueller
  110. RRE Alignment
  111. Lowered evo, where to take for friendly dealer oil change?
  112. Anyone selling their AEM EMS?
  113. Opinions on dealerships
  114. WORKS Exhaust or HKS or RSR? Which one should i get?
  115. so, i just got my dejon tool mbc in the mail...
  116. High Flow Cat
  117. zeitronix group buy!!!
  118. BR440 kit 4 sale- $1900
  119. Install Transmission and Transfer Case
  120. I am interested in buying a stock cat
  121. Dejon MBC
  122. Thank you Huntington Beach Mitsubishi!! Got my new MR!
  123. Greddy Titanium Exhaust System?
  124. Selling JGTC Weekend pass.
  125. Free Oil Changes and Rotation at Tustin Mitsu
  126. Check this out! 'ebay' FMIC for 210bucks!
  127. Thank You HB Mitsubishi!!!!
  128. going rate for tires
  129. DILEMMA!!! EVO 8 MR or 04 Pontiac GTO?!??
  130. Want to buy Greddy Type S or RS BOV today!
  131. anyone interested in RC cars???
  132. Need Tires? Please help!
  133. Buschur Racing Critic
  134. 1/18 Scale Die Cast Evo VIII
  135. HELP Greddy AIrinx element filter
  136. Keep HKS bov or what? or greddy?
  137. Autometer Nexus Gauges...What do you think?
  138. tustin mitsubishi...wow... got incompetence?
  139. Miller Mitsubishi-Van Nuys- Yay or Nay?
  141. Replacing Drive Belts...
  142. SAFC II glow?
  143. Pocket Logger (where to buy)
  144. *buying* Used Greddy Type S Blow off valve
  145. looking for some lug nuts for my 5Zigen FN01R-C
  147. ball mitsubishi sucks !
  148. avoid warranty
  149. Im 16(almost 17) and i want a evo!!!
  150. Anyone need new tires??
  151. FS: HKS EVC IV Boost controller PSI Version - NIB
  152. VIII Badge?
  153. Lease
  154. 4 burbank and glendale meets (PAW)
  155. rebuilt transfercases from tre
  156. new Mitsubishi dealer
  157. is there a titanium downpipe.
  158. who is the service contact at HB Mitsu?
  159. average cost of tuning SAFC-II + couple other ?s
  160. precision 780cc injectors
  161. EOC review of the harness bar
  162. HKS vs Greddy vs Jic
  163. Where to find good service shop here in San Diego?
  164. who has MRs in stock?
  165. Tustin Mitsu -Thread Merge-
  166. Need a shop in vegas.
  167. mod warranty
  168. Different Tuners (WORKS, TT & Dr. Gray)
  169. harman motive anyone?
  170. Purchasing some parts, few questions...
  171. HKS BOV...
  172. Best Tuner in Southern California???
  173. Any Good Paint & Body Shop In Orange County?
  174. New to the Evo world!
  175. Need body shop referral near Manhattan Beach
  176. lucky . . .
  177. Even more bad luck.......
  178. Blow-off Valve
  179. Help me find MR in Grey.
  180. Any good place to buy???
  181. Best place to buy without markup
  182. TINT....
  183. Where to buy Intercooler paint? Which is required?
  185. wats up fellow current/future evo drivers!!!
  186. 2/19/05 Anyone know a store
  187. . . . Best Intake N turbo back exhaust . . .
  188. Installed Defi BF Boost Gauge over the weekend.
  189. What happened
  190. How much is a MR from HB mitsubishi OTD?
  191. black evo that got traded in at HB mitsu?
  192. Defi Evo cluster
  193. Just Got My Blitz Induction Cover
  194. exhaust manifold and turbo insulation wrap
  195. Which dealer do u recommend?
  196. BOV this any good?
  197. Anaheim "Tried" to rip me off!!!
  198. Which is the best dealer to get an MR?
  199. Local place to buy OEM Side Window Deflectors?
  200. Greddy bov flange
  201. Props to ROAD///RACE
  202. Where to buy Greddy FMIC brackets
  203. Glendale Mitsubishi is Evo owners wet dream!
  204. WARNING: 7state Tail Light Mods
  205. Tire Warranty?
  206. EVO MR DEAL!!! HELP!!
  207. Good deal on 05 RS?
  209. Great Job SRT Motorsports
  210. Just want to give props to RRE
  211. Wheel Repair Specialists
  212. Do you guys know of any dealer that is taking deposits for..
  213. Where to find rims???
  214. MOBIL ONE on sale
  215. what oil does HB Mitsu use?
  216. Looking for a website for parts? Take your pick.
  217. YAH!! 05 WHITE GSR
  218. MR Purchase from HB Mitsubishi
  219. carbon fiber hoods
  222. Help me decide, Used or New?
  223. Another happy customer from HB Mitsubishi
  224. Who sells MONSTER Sport rims?
  226. Thumbsdown to Gruppe-S
  227. GSC camshafts how do they perform?
  228. Hallman Pro vs. Dejon
  229. Question about HB Mitsubishi services?
  230. southernways S05
  231. WTB: Racing Helmet
  232. mod friendly dealer in san diego area...
  233. I have been touched by the devil
  234. want to get 18 in. rims need help
  235. CarDomain.com
  236. Ontario or Tustin?
  238. Dr. Gray Stage 1+ dynoed - 348 awhp 345 torque
  239. Need Helmet Fast
  240. HB Mitsu does it again!!
  241. Bluebatmobile.com
  242. can HB mitsu get me a good deal
  243. Installed Kartboy Stuff and lovin it!!!
  244. My car is finally done!
  245. Helix Intake and Gruppe-S
  246. Opinion on value of my hood- CF Seibon TS-II
  247. Riverside mitsubishi..Holly sh*t, how crappy
  248. exhaust gaskets
  249. my friend just opened up a new tuner shop
  250. Amuse Exhaust