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  1. ALL you need to know about brakes, lines pads
  2. quality video mount faq...
  3. what combination of fluids do you guys use?
  4. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT Driveline Fluid MegaMerge
  6. FAQ: Where to Buy Race Gas
  7. About the FAQ section.
  8. list of downpipes that works on the 05?
  9. Exhaust system recordings
  10. What's a Cat? I'm a noob
  11. Re: EVO VIII turbo exhaust *LONG*
  12. Camshafts -info-
  13. dr gray special definitions (STAGES)
  14. Insurance Payments
  15. Brief Evo History
  16. Cam Specs
  17. bar to PSI Conversions
  18. A Listing of All ECU Error Codes (OBD-II)
  19. ANOTHER SAFC-II vs. FLASH Question
  20. i went for a short spirited drive
  21. ESPELIR cat-back exhaust **Write up w/ pics**
  22. blacked lights
  23. Exhaust system
  24. Dr. Gray
  25. Guide for those trying to get an original GTO Sidemarker
  26. Buying a used car... can u avoid tax??
  27. MIVEC
  28. 5-speed vs. 6-speed
  29. OEM part numbers
  30. just got my evo wats a good first mod to get for some hp!!!
  31. P000 Code?????what is this>?
  32. headlight bulb change
  33. FAQ: Injectors - Brands, Sizes, etc.
  34. All you ever wanted to know about ACD
  35. How To: Orange Radio and HVAC lights (cheap and easy, lots of pics)
  36. EVO IX GReddy Type RS B.O.V. KIT ????
  37. average milleage
  38. cams installation
  39. Turbine Housing?
  40. Monthly Payments
  41. How to make your wing all-CF
  42. Evo Fluids.....
  43. whats vta stand for?
  44. Why every Evo owner should own a datalogger / code puller.
  45. yet another thread about 660cc vs 720cc (scot gray inside)
  46. Some questions aobut Dr. Grey/Gray package
  47. What the hell is a hotside?
  48. Injen intake
  49. How do you tell if your o2 sensor is going bad or is bad?
  50. Where do you guys run your EGT wiring? (pics?)
  51. What does it mean by dual mode muffler?
  52. exhaust system
  53. how's everyone doing with the EVO's gas consumption?
  54. Rev limiter
  55. Helix O2 Housing?
  56. First mod
  57. ? about the APEXi S-AFC neo
  58. oil change?
  59. What is needed @ a 15K service interval?
  60. what BOV are you using?
  61. anyone out there using an APS twin chamber BOV?
  62. Boost on 91 OCT
  63. Fuel filter
  64. Help need tuners advice on next mods Please!
  65. Which tc and diff fluids???? Help!
  66. OPEN INVITATION to help noobs
  67. Another stupid exhaust question...
  68. Relocate HVAC Controls
  69. First upgrades?
  70. Dr. Gray
  71. Are the stock 02 housing the same size for all years??
  72. Transfer Case and Transmission Fluid Question
  73. How long does it last???
  74. Most mod-friendly dealership around
  75. dr gray stages talk
  76. Need help with planning future mods
  77. the end all bov thread
  78. stock clutch, shifting/shifters and your transmission
  79. What's the best BOV for a lightly modded evo 8
  80. how to contact Scott Gray?
  81. Engine Noise
  82. my 9 still smells new, i want a bigger turbo
  83. EVO IX - Correct Mod Upgrade Path
  84. CAMs 272s or 264?
  85. HKS SSQV BOV having problems
  86. 20G turbo and 272 cams
  87. 6-speed Transmission...strength
  88. type of gas??
  89. 660cc injectors or no?
  91. where can i buy a hose clamp for my bov
  92. Animated breakdown of a 4-cyl engine
  93. SAFC vs. Standalone vs. Flash Q
  94. Road race engineering
  95. Help me w/ my Tak
  96. animated breakdown of how dsg transmissions work
  98. Manual Boost Controller
  99. EVO IX NGK Spark Plug part numbers
  100. MOVED: HOW TO: add pics and files to your post
  101. Newbie Question post count question
  102. First Upgrades EVO 8
  103. How to make your Bov VTA?
  104. i'm confused about reflashing and resetting ecu
  105. a noob question i suppose..
  106. finding spare parts
  107. mbc question (short drive ok?)
  108. I Want to Make 300 whp?
  109. greddy rs and jdm mr bov
  110. warranty issue
  111. which setup???????
  112. Everyone's Opinion, Please...
  113. Install website
  114. BOV or BPV
  115. Drivers side floor supposed to be flat?
  116. for sale questions
  117. mods??????
  118. Transmission Problem
  119. My setup so far
  120. the end all EXHAUST PURCHASING QUESTIONS thread
  121. EIDS.
  122. whp
  124. time to upgrade... please give me your advice
  125. Upgrade Path... tips and suggestions..
  126. A few noob questions
  127. What do you suggest on my mod selection?
  128. so who is right?
  129. Have to get car smogged, will it pass?
  130. How much PSI does the stock EVO IX BOV hold?
  131. developed a 5th gear grind today!!!warrantie help
  132. Is an RS really worth buying?
  133. Can someone explain
  134. Am I going in the right direction so far?
  135. o2 sensor
  136. Dyno in North San Diego County?
  137. Exhaust leak
  138. something wrong????
  139. Stealth HKS SSQV UIC Piping
  140. short shifter?
  141. boost gague????
  142. Do evo 8 injectors fit an evo 9?
  143. time
  144. only boosting 15psi?
  145. Gauges?
  146. headers
  147. 3RD TO 4TH Grind on the VIII 5 speed!!!
  148. newb question, do i need a tune for a drop in intake+ filter
  149. help
  150. motor mount or engine damper?
  151. burbank/glendale/Los Angeles Good bodyshops
  152. place to mod exhaust?
  153. K&N Frop in Filter worth the money ...?
  154. korean motors?
  155. Whick bov sounds better or is more popular HKS or Greddy?
  156. need help could somebody tell me what is the diffence GSR and SE?
  157. Highest lb's of Boost on Stock Ix... (safely)
  158. interesting PDF oil tests
  159. Cat Delete good or bad to buy it?
  160. Exedy Twin HD question
  161. methol injection??
  162. EVO JDM BUMPER Color ????
  164. dropping headers or port and polishing ur stock ones!!
  165. HKS RS intake problem
  166. ATTN: I need the Rubber piece for the HKS SSQV upper intercooler piping
  167. Over boost problem ?
  168. CEL FIX in the 951/909
  169. good stereo shop
  170. S7 Dimensional Gauges?
  171. wut is the difference between ww evo and gg evo?
  172. what is turbo surge
  173. i nee help
  174. bumper question?
  175. Need info about FUEL PUMP and TUNING ....
  176. need help???about evo finance
  178. 05 HKS downpipe fit 06 MR?
  179. Turbo Upgrade Question?
  181. Carbon fiber wing question
  182. whats logging your car?
  183. injen C.A.R.B number ?
  184. oil change ???
  185. A little details about Racing Harness
  186. Glow shift gauges
  187. fuel pump question
  188. Quick Question Regarding MOBIL 1 OIL Filter
  189. Gear question HELP!
  190. quick question
  191. Turbo headers: another question also.....update
  192. dejon mbc
  193. how can i write a new topic?
  194. rebuild exedy clutch
  195. rims help!
  196. geeting tuned!!
  197. Recommended maintenance
  198. 05 EVO 8 OBDII Port?????????
  199. a good shop for clutch
  200. Quick question
  201. back fire
  202. Brakes
  203. How to on Rexpeed CF bumper Ducts?
  204. What is the size of the 02 senor hole in the exhaust?
  205. Cracked windshield
  206. snowboard rack on aluminum roof?
  207. The END ALL YAKIMA ROOF RACKS thread for Aluminium roofs UPDATED X FITMENTS:
  208. fuel pump????
  209. wat the hell happen? some crazy happened during installation
  210. REXPEED *Replica* Carbon/FRP High Mount Rear Spoiler Base
  211. Coolant Smell
  212. walbro gss-342 255lph fuel pump?
  213. Screw in tire!
  214. psi question?
  215. What can i do next???
  216. stock head gasket question
  217. My car overboosted on da freeway
  218. clutch ?
  219. wat is the best after market 02 housing
  221. Service Manual?
  222. 3 inch straight pipe with HKS hi power exhaust??
  223. Does anyone know a person or shop that can put a car to stock?
  224. BOV location placement
  225. yeah another exhaust question..
  226. Need Install, DynoTuning and Flash coming from Victorville where to go?
  227. no hid bulb???
  228. Is there a difference in the airboxes amongst the years?
  229. Stock Battery Life?
  230. Need place to paint my wheels
  231. Help me find yellow fogs
  232. Samco Hose Kit vs. Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit
  233. so what does everyone think about the FP Green turbo kit?
  234. Spark plugs
  235. p300 code
  236. insert photo
  237. Losing Low End Torque with After Market Exhaust System
  238. Where can I buy Trustz Gauge Overlays??
  239. Newb question about gauges
  240. Front license plate
  241. how to install a aftermarket 02 housing ?
  242. warrenty
  243. Spark plug gapping
  244. ok i got the P0234 ( overboost)
  245. In-Dash Navigation Housing (whats the company/ where can i buy?)
  246. Mr Bilstein or save up for aftermarket suspension
  247. I need some help fast please
  248. spirit of competion decal
  249. Can't lock my car
  250. Insurance