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  1. SAFC Tuning Mini-faq
  2. EMS outputs Help
  3. Fuel pump voltage resistor
  4. Bolt on 4g63 turbos for an Evo question...
  5. strokers & turbos
  6. any thought on acetone as an additive to gas?????
  7. afr, log, and afc question
  8. Cam Gear Tuning and Theory
  9. Greddy Emanage Ultimate
  10. Evo IX EcuTek reflash results
  11. safc race gas?
  12. Safc II temporary map needed...
  13. 264/280 cam setup
  15. Welcome to Advanced Tech and Tuning (please read before posting)
  16. Study of Engine Cooling Technologies for knock supression
  17. Relocate MAF
  18. How to determine what injectors u need for your set up
  19. need for the proper setting for my safc-II
  20. EVO 9 Piston
  21. Injectors/Timing
  22. Ecutek TUNED !!!
  23. Low Throttle Tuning with just WB?
  24. SAFC Tuning Help
  25. need help with ECU pinout
  26. Which stroker should I get, a 2.3 or a 2.4
  27. Comp Ratio Vs. Boost
  28. ECU+ ???
  29. MAP tuning the SAFCII
  30. It's cam time!
  31. help me explain afr variations from low compression to high compression
  32. ECUflash beginners tutorial
  33. EcuFlash - first findings and explorations...
  34. tuning with safc2, zeitronix wideband and pocketlogger
  35. Ecuflash and Greddy/Denso 720's
  36. EVOscan logging.....91 oct vs 100 oct and knocksums
  37. Tranny comparison DSM, EVO VIII, EVO IX and EVO MR
  38. ecu unlocker tool
  39. How-to: Rescale Load Axis (percent) Values in Evo VIII ECU
  40. Tuning boost controller...
  41. evo9 ecu changes
  42. evo 9 head swap (into evo 8)
  43. Ecuflash first log
  44. Interesting case study: Results of using S-AFC to tune on top of Reflash
  45. Obd-II Scan Tool Software That Works!
  46. 02 sensor and Open Loop behavior
  47. data logging 3rd gear pulls?
  48. MIVEC Tuning
  49. EvoScan + DatalogLab + EcuFlash
  50. dryad001 from evom succesfully runs blowthrough
  51. removing boost pill and how this affects flashing and bcs
  52. Cobb AccessPort for the Evo?
  53. tuning for 100 octane from an ideal 91 octane tune EVO IX
  54. mivec tuning exposed with dll dyno graphs
  55. 7000 RPM IPW step on US Evo IX
  56. cold start timing numbers
  57. oxigen Sensor (O2 Sensor) Need replacement or to get it fix
  58. My logs using the Innovate Motorsports LC-1, LMA-3, OBD-II cable, & LogWorks2
  59. AMS 4G63 Camshaft testing
  60. strokers, pistons speeds, rev limits and rotating weights
  61. GST ECU-based boost control under development
  62. Launch Control?
  63. injector ratings, scaling and the effects on tuning
  64. new evoscan released 20th March 2007 - EvoScan v0.98 version.
  65. MOVED: A'PEXi Launch Interface
  66. What does AEM EMS injector phase do?
  67. ? on setting knock control on AEM EMS and other safeguards....
  68. ECUFlash Tuning 102: Utilizing the stock BCS system
  69. MOVED: Head Gasket and Pistons
  70. MOVED: Meth Injection - Nozzle Size? ** METH USERS COME IN **
  71. Water Injection and O2 values
  72. Car Continues to Shut Off - Help!
  73. Looks like e85 is coming to a neighborhood near you....
  74. Which makes more power- leaner burn or more ignition timing
  75. Dialing in cams with degree wheel and dial guage
  76. Anyone have a copy of ECUflash 1.30?
  77. tuning the boost controller
  78. tuning low to medium load cells - help?
  79. The Amateur Tuner
  80. MOVED: Cobb AccessPort out yet???
  81. Tuning beyond WOT
  82. MOVED: Evo 9 to 8 parts swap
  83. MOVED: Variable Turbine Geometry? When?
  84. EvoScan 2.0 and MapTracer Edition is out
  85. Evo airflow changes
  86. MOVED: Tactrix cable not working on MacBook
  87. Idle Quality with RC1000 injectors
  88. looking for input
  89. MOVED: How exactly is the 6spd "worse"?
  90. MOVED: Considering straight H20 injection - no meth. Don't want to run massive boost.
  91. lil help w/ EvoScan v. 99
  92. MOVED: having fueling issues
  93. E85 Blending with CA91-why not?
  94. WOOT, Tephra hacked ROM FTW!!!
  95. JDM MAP sensor vs Zeitronix
  96. MOVED: ?? IS This Right??
  97. MOVED: EvoScan/DataLogger for Windows Mobile
  98. any help w/ Definitions for Data Log Lab
  99. ECU Flash Connect Problems
  100. ROM Mods for ECU controlled Boost
  101. Vista Fix for: Evoscan/ECUflash
  102. GM 3-port FTMFW!!! +1 for infinite boost control
  103. Evoscan doesn't log whp, help please......
  104. i need the stock map for a evo VIII
  105. Stock IX Idle Tables
  106. MOVED: Project87
  107. MOVED: miscommunication on a Mustang Dyno
  108. EVO 03 w/ only a TBE and intake. Power gains with tuning?
  109. MOVED: injector question *regarding going back to stock
  110. E85 in North San Diego County woot!!!!
  111. E85 log or breif run today
  112. MOVED: Data logging my MR IX
  113. effects of overscaled injectors
  114. evoscan v2.5 helpp
  115. Before and after e85 Dynojet plots
  116. MOVED: E85 Fuel STORAGE: Best Method ?
  117. 2 Map ECU Switch?
  118. MOVED: How do I remove the plug from the TPS??? Swapping intake manifolds this weekend
  119. Routing Fuel Lines
  120. Methanol, but why water? (Besides safety)
  121. 91+meth vs. E85
  122. Map switching available
  123. What engine management do you need on Evo9 with 1st generation MAF translator?
  124. HELP. base map HELP tephra mod 05
  125. new issue logging AFR w/ evoscan ZT-2 w/ LCD
  126. ECU locked me out....
  127. Eliminating the Nasty P0300
  128. New Zeitronix ECA - Ethanol Content Analyzer
  129. OEM Launch Control? Video link
  130. MOVED: Should i get Injectors before tune?
  131. MOVED: How to get E85 in your town
  132. Boost! Group N and WRC Turbos
  133. Autronic Antilag Tuning
  134. Who is running EVOSCAN on VISTA NEED HELP!!
  135. Link to poor mans Ethanol content analyzer or tester
  136. Upgraded to ported IX turbo, +30 tq and +50hp, before and after data on E-85
  137. MOVED: MFQ TA evo on E85
  138. IAC from stang to Evo 8
  139. New Tephra rom (testing)
  140. GM Solonoid + JDM Map Sensor = ?
  141. FP Green on stock fuel system 353hp/299tq :D
  142. MOVED: help!! need to reflash 05 evo 8
  143. Meth Kit Questions, People with Kits Reply Please
  144. factory anti lag for USDM evo 9
  145. Dell selling Vostro A90 laptops for $249. Great mini laptop for your ECUtek!
  146. How much boost on stock turbo and 91pump
  147. My E85 tune... thoughts? torque suggestions??
  148. MOVED: Evo 9 MR-FP red and cams
  149. I need basic tuning...only have bolt ons...
  150. Injector scaling/latency for various injectors:
  151. PCMSCAN wont connect ..
  152. MOVED: meth and nitrous
  153. OEM 3 PORT Solenoid
  154. JDM / EVO X MAP sensor, Different Part #'s?
  155. MOVED: Tune, Intake, Exhaust EVO 9 MR
  156. Need tuner! in hollywood area
  157. MOVED: vacume hose diagram
  158. Tephra MOD's on '05 MR
  159. HELP connecting Zeitronix Wideband to Mitsulogger?
  160. Making Aftermarket Cams Idle
  161. FIC 1050cc Injectors
  162. MOVED: Church Tuning
  163. The red monster tune
  164. Cobb Maps = Epic Fail
  165. Woot Woot! Finally........ Got the MapTracer to work for me! LOL
  166. what's better for ecu boost?
  167. MOVED: issues since replacing intake!!!
  168. I need help: MoTeC M4
  169. evo 8 in car forged piston and rods install
  170. my launch control is not working?
  171. EGR delete/faulty front 02.. possible misfire??
  172. BBK turbo, do I really need all the aftermarket parts?
  173. Stock turbo 297awhp at 19psi MD dyno
  174. about reeses dyno shootout day june 6th
  175. GM 3 Port VS. Gruppe-S 3 Port, Which one is better?
  176. evo ix
  177. Methanol Users/Tuners Opinon
  178. bricked evo 9 ecu???
  179. acts like fuel problem.
  180. A simple 50/50 meth question...
  181. Anyone running 10.5:1 compression 2 liter setup on 91 octane?
  182. Spark plug tip design
  183. Closest AWD Dyno To 90272
  184. Need Help Installing Tephra Mod!!!
  185. whole evo 9 ROM code inside
  186. AEM EMS vs Stock ECU
  187. timing at peak tq!
  188. How can I smooth idle with 272/272 cams
  189. LC-1 wideband will not communicate with Evoscan..help!!!
  190. Got Looney Tuned on Friday Graph ect...
  191. EvoX brakes on an Evo IX ?
  193. can a mivec 4g63 fit into a stock viii???
  194. How much boost do most people run on CA91 and what AFR
  195. As a general rule of thumb...
  196. need someone to change immobilizer code
  197. Acces port
  198. Wireless logging/tuning?
  199. GM 3 PORT or Boost Pill
  200. Lifters going crazy??
  201. lets see your 91octane timing maps
  202. When it rain's, it pours....Help?
  203. 2003 Evo 8 Built 2.0, 3076r, 527hp/477lb-ft E85
  204. Evoscan 2.6 vs Tactrix 2.0
  205. Netbook for tuning
  206. Help needed. Tuning. evo8. AEM EMS
  207. is ecu switching maps when check engine is on?
  208. anybody new of hydra subi tuner in so cal
  209. utec
  210. Rattle/grinding sound
  211. How much tuning? And possible dummy pulley
  212. Helix 272 help
  213. AEM 5 Bar help
  214. Exedy twin-oil press light coming on going to a stop
  215. new virtual dyno data analyzer
  216. Need help! cant read rom in Ecuflash
  217. 50/50 91 and E85=98 Octane Test (I'm Bored need a new project at its finest)
  218. EcuFlash question
  219. e85 injector scaling Q?
  220. what size injectors would i need?
  221. Need help with JE piston rings and file specs
  222. Other uses for an Evo Flywheel
  223. Evoscan giving a funky Boost reading
  224. 05 galant 2.4L in a Evo 8??
  225. Can someone take a look at this log for me?
  226. Unichip??
  227. help pls
  228. i Cant pick up speed
  229. Tune Help
  230. Blown Block
  231. weird load readings in ecu flash. help?
  232. need stock evo 8 base map
  233. 2006 EVO IX GTX35R Stage 3 91 and E85 Stock Block Results
  234. About to get tuned!! Hopefully soon...
  235. Evo IX GSR HTA Green with supporting mods 91 and E85
  236. 2.4L Stroker with OG FP Green on E85
  237. Hallman MBC
  238. Stage 2 Evo VIII tuned on 91octane
  239. Newly Looney Tuned!
  240. Evo VIII 2.2L Stroker with Precision 6266 and supporting mods
  241. Head Porting in SoCal?
  242. e85 question
  243. Tuning question
  244. HELP connecting Zeitronix Wideband to Mitsulogger?
  245. Thoughts on my tune
  246. Tactrix 1.3U Cable help
  247. Speed Density Questions. Rom 96531706
  248. GSC S2 cams, stock turbo + E85 5150 racing tuned