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  1. Those who got cited for modified exhaust....
  2. ATTN: AVO Exhaust owners. Read this!
  3. PULLED over for no front license plate?
  4. pulled over today
  5. Rolling Smog Stations
  6. Trial By Declaration (How To)
  7. So the Cali PoPo at it again
  8. Automotive Hobbyists please Look and sign
  9. You guys think you've got it bad...
  10. SoCal Cities Get Money To Combat Street Racing
  11. Lets Ride out to the state capital
  12. Hawaii's Recon Law
  13. Where do I go to get tint removed?
  14. Where to get exhausts tested for Db level?
  15. $774 ticket
  16. Pulled over in Laguna Beach
  17. It pays to be old.
  18. SoCal Evo community decibel tester
  19. high-flow cats legal?
  20. CARB #s
  21. Exhaust Noise Test
  22. Just got pulled over for some bullshit @ 11:20pm.
  23. smog testing?
  24. front plate ticket: $114???
  25. Registration Tags -- Fine
  26. Thanks "Judge Townsend"!!!
  27. Since Its Raining and I saw a lot of people doing this.....
  28. just got a wreckless driving ticket.update 2-1-06
  29. can cops do this?
  30. referee ticket
  31. My lame ass experience today
  32. New to Cali
  33. Facts on Aftermarket HFC use
  34. Is this over 95 dB?
  35. LA Stop Light Cameras - No Film
  36. CHP Speeding Ticket
  37. smog test fail -> sell the car to DMV for $1000?
  38. My 1st Ticket-Update...
  39. No front Plate Tix at LAX - Be careful!
  40. Got nailed on the way home from work
  41. For those wondering about tint laws
  42. How To Beat A Speeding Ticket
  43. Trial By Declaration
  44. .
  45. TBD for Tint Ticket
  46. can you f&^%ing believe this!
  47. Thanks "Judge Laura"!!! I got my second exhaust ticket dismissed again.
  48. Just got a 27151 modified exhaust to amplify noize
  49. I was waiting for the tow truck driver last night until you know who showed up.
  50. lasuperiorcourt.org sucks
  51. For those with radar detectors and have been pulled over
  52. got a ticket at out of town...
  53. Help: "Fix It" Ticket
  54. AEM Intake
  55. weird situation with my traffic ticket
  56. is the greddy type-s BOV carb legal?
  57. Got pulled over and cops gave me 3 choices
  58. Trial By Declaration...?
  59. Why Virginia sucks donkey C$#k and I bought an S4 instead of another Evo
  60. Will this pass SMOG?
  61. Anyone from San Clemente??
  62. I'M RICH, B*TCH!!!!! DELETE ME!
  63. Red light Cameras?
  64. Handicap parking plackard
  65. gat a F***EN ticket for speeding!
  66. Police procedure question
  67. retarded parking ticket
  68. i Hate cops
  69. TBD Response Time?
  70. TBD by Phone
  71. How to avoid or find your way out of speeding tickets..
  72. CHP Information Bulletin No. 98-100 Regarding Modified Exhaust
  73. how much for a stock cat?
  74. Ticket last night
  75. At least our police not driving these!
  76. Check this video out!!!
  77. After 9 months, Court dimiss my case and sent me the ticket refund.
  78. run in with the laws you got into with your evos? post ur stories
  79. Damn, how did I NOT get pulled over!?
  80. Altered emissions ticket
  81. is this illegal
  82. 21703 - Following to Close
  84. Web site tips police to street-racing rally
  85. Actual law for purchasing a car
  86. today sucks
  87. ok, i got this ticket
  88. Anyone else seen...
  89. Got a ticket a while back
  90. Quick "boys in blue" story
  91. 3/13 SMOG CHECK STATION, Hacienda Heights, Colima/Azuza
  92. does anyone know where i can have some place pass me for a smog test????
  93. Pulled over for loud exhaust.
  94. Just got a a Smog Referee ticket for HKS RS intake what i do?
  95. First red light cameras, now loud car camera!!!!
  96. Regarding Ref Station comrades, will I make it under 93 decibels?
  97. 70mph in a 40mph ZONE! HELP
  98. front plates
  99. 101 MPH in a 65 Zone
  100. Legal or not
  101. I am lucky!!!
  102. do they plug into obdII for check in socal
  103. Got a correctable 27151a ticket...swapped exhausts CHP wont sign off..<updated>
  104. i got a damn ticket today what should i do
  105. I need smog help, San Diego County
  106. HW time! Help me with my TBD Guys! EDIT: I WON!!!
  107. 23302 B Transponder not displayed (Toll Roads)
  108. if ur a cop go eat cake (happy)
  109. What happened to...
  110. Glendale and Burbank Residents, read this!!!
  111. front license law ??
  112. 110 in a 65mph HELP
  114. Any good advice for my trial?
  115. Cat law
  116. SR's,RB's,4A-GE's ect
  117. Question - Any Police Officers On Board thats a Member?
  118. Do they allow any extentions as to when the payment is due?
  119. Last night I got f'n worked.
  120. Damnit....he finally nabbed me.
  121. 27156 Altered emmisions Fine $361
  122. please help!!! are the police here to help us or hate us?
  123. got a ticket ... again
  124. Aircraft Ticket
  125. police speed limit trailers
  126. Local PD + Blaze's evo = my worste nighmare
  127. 2006 Cal Vehicle Code Downloaded....entire file...?Repost?
  128. Ticketed for parking on a hill
  129. What do I have to look forward to in Costa Mesa when I get back..
  130. got rear ended . the driver's Ins expired. i don't have NM!
  131. police herasment at its finest
  132. Positive Encounters
  133. Any laws governing Cali temporary residents with out of state tag...
  134. I laughed at a cop and got pulled over
  135. got a ticket, want some advice.
  136. I got a ticket for illegal mods
  137. CHP has greater authority?
  138. Phew...
  139. A ticket I never received?
  140. Official: I got rolled after FF3 Thread
  141. CHP all over Santiago Canyon in OC
  142. will i pass?
  143. to cat-delete or not cat-delete.. that is the ultimate question.
  144. Some cops are chill...
  145. Warning Out Of Staters
  146. DAMN CHP!!!!
  147. A helpful video
  148. Right to fight traffic ticket bill
  149. Ever not consent to an engine bay search??
  150. someone please help.... referee
  152. Police Officer's Forum
  153. wife just got tint fix it ticket
  154. Trial By Declaration rejected????
  155. Close encounter... (me not thinking) Lucky me!
  156. pulled over and now state ref
  157. CARB/REFS/POLICE....staying safe? how?
  158. Speeding ticket -"Street racer Package"
  159. Summertime Rush
  160. california smog
  161. chp chat while at a stoplight
  162. Past ticket date?
  163. No Front License Plate
  165. Exhaust limits for motorcycles..
  166. latest encounter
  167. just got my first ticket ever!
  168. Damnit! First ticket and it had to be a fix-it...
  169. Visual Inspection...Pass Smog with What Mods?
  170. need help with my ticket!
  171. 30 day impound
  172. Traffic Camera "Violation" on Harbor Blvd. off the 22
  173. got a ticket....
  174. I hate the CHP.......
  175. How to Trial By Declaration w/ examples (MODS can we sticky this)
  176. What attracts the CHP?
  177. What To Do When you get pulled over (can we sticky this please)
  178. Yay! My 4th Modified Exhaust ticket!
  179. Run In With The CHP Today
  180. Ticket Assassin lack of service?
  181. fix-it ticket infractons (plural)
  182. Anyone got tix running either of these exhausts?
  183. Tint - Fix it tix
  184. A cop came into my work last night...
  185. blah got my 2nd exhaust ticket
  186. HOOD PINS??????
  187. just got my 3rd exhaust ticket!!!
  188. Tustin PD on 261
  189. illegal/legal parts
  190. SEMA legal action contact information
  191. speed contesting is now a felony
  192. EVO 4 & the California Highway Patrol
  193. LBPD Undercover gives Handicap parking tickets.
  194. TBD Bail
  195. Need a TBD template for easy eyeball speeding ticket!!
  196. Another reason why cops suck!!! Or do they?
  197. modified exhaust ticket
  198. NO CAT!!!!
  199. Profiled, arrested and impounded w/o evidence?
  200. I got denied on my TBD!
  201. blow off valves
  202. can i fight a no left turn ticket?
  203. TBD court status question
  204. Mobile smog station Venice/Marina del Rey 10/25/06
  205. Ticket Ticket Ticket!!!!!!
  206. PULLED OVER IN EVO stories
  207. Exhaust Legal or Not
  208. New Ticket Challenge: 27156(b)
  209. just got my second ticket
  210. Correctable - modified exhaust ticket
  211. The official traffic camera thread!
  212. i got pulled over for six fix-it tickets, but got not one
  214. I just got my first ticket ever!!!
  215. Beat my 22349 (b) with a TBD
  216. a good story and a reason to own a radar detector
  217. CHP - New Radar Gun
  218. COPS are out!!
  219. does it take 4 cops to tell me i have paper plates
  220. I got a ticket today
  221. referee stations are issuing certificates of compliance for vehicles (Free)
  222. state's (CA) smog check and test only stations are following San Diego's trend
  223. ATTN: AVO exhaust owners, READ/PRINT THIS!
  224. Cool CHP Officer
  225. Watch out in Huntington Beach!
  226. Some Cops are Cool
  227. Watch out Murrieta Evo Owners:
  228. Modified Exhaust Question
  229. Anyone in here actually got in trouble for Testpipe?
  230. Awesome, just got busted for Modified Exhaust again
  231. where can I find traffic and engineering survey's?
  232. Clarifications on modified exhaust tikets.
  233. Speed Poles > than Speed Bumps Video
  234. i need some info plz help!!!
  235. help with violation?
  236. awesome run in with the police in rowland
  237. Stock FTW!
  238. european safety standards???
  239. Do not speed in the palm Springs area until next month.
  240. CHP forum
  241. some new laws for 07
  242. i got a letter saying i missed my jury duty?!!??!?!
  243. Silver Evo Owner, watch out
  244. why is my tbd taking so long?
  245. License Recognition.
  246. Some more ranting about cops
  247. Just cleared my exhaust ticket for life(kinda).....
  248. Will I pass smog?
  249. Question in regards to tint over middle brake light
  250. TBD win, beat the ticket