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  28. Scytek vision guard 8000
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  41. cheap TRUE HD CRASH CAM...
  42. mitsu iPod adaptor or aftermarket HU
  43. what radar are u guys running?? and how is it working??
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  47. Azentek CPC-1000 *Do it all* unit
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  51. Calibre Radar Detection - They Pay for You Speeding Ticket Guranteed!
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  55. Also posted this on Evom.net but does anyone know where I can find
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  89. TomTom owners step inside :)
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  92. Mitsu OEM Navi
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  94. a dead-head??
  95. Need help finding an Orbital Prestige Trim Kit or something similar.
  96. Are Polk speakers good? What's better I should get?
  97. Clock out = radio fuse?
  99. oem car alarm on evo viii
  100. is anyone interested in speakers, head unit, and amp
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  105. I want them gone!
  106. Shop or individual to do an install in South OC
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  114. radio help plz
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  125. Question about SSL with aftermarket HU
  126. best anti theft device
  127. Galant controls conversion for Double Din in Evo (UPDATE--3/11/2010)
  128. what alarm are you running?
  129. Has anyone gone to Al & Ed's for alarm installation???
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  135. My stereo installation thread
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  137. Do you think these MB quartz will fit as replacement for my tweets?
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  140. Anyone know where I can find step-by-step instructions to install a valentine 1
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