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  1. HOLY SH** stock turbo monster
  2. 505whp/443wtq Tuning Tech's new turbo kit/stock ECU
  3. Leap of faith: AMS 35R turbo kit to TTech 35R kit
  4. 2.3 Spool up comparo: AMS 35R vs TTech 35R
  5. tuning tech's got their own forum...
  6. For Sale: OEM resurfaced Evo flywheels
  7. For Sale: OEM Evo Batteries
  8. Post your personal best drag racing results
  9. Post your personal best road racing results
  10. Pure Power: Post modifications you've done to your Evo and the gains it made
  11. Dyno Database Project: Evo 8 Stock/ish Turbo OVER 325Whp
  12. Dyno Database Project: Evo 8 Aftermarket Turbo
  13. Dyno Database Project: Evo 9 Stock & FP Green Turbos
  14. Dyno Database Project: Evo 9 Aftermarket Turbo
  15. Need a tune soon
  16. Dyno Database Project: Evo 8 Stock/ish Turbo UNDER 325WHP
  17. ant_evo got your log
  18. GSC 280 cams results ? ? ?
  19. You are invited: Pole Position Karting 1-5-07 for [email protected]'s B-day
  20. Big thanks to thanks to the TT crew!!!!!
  21. labor cost for manual boost controller?
  22. Evo 9 w/New Buschur 20G LT turbo and GSC S1 cams to be tuned
  23. I will need a tune soon
  24. clutch labor cost
  25. Thanks to crew at TT
  26. I have a bone stock 04 VIII. - i hope i'm posting this in the right area -
  27. Cam Install quote...
  28. Cosworth Cams on Evo ix
  31. Very strong numbers from IX dynotune at TT
  32. Where does Tuning Technologies go from here?
  33. How far is your drive to Tuning Technologies?
  34. A visit to Tuning Technologies.
  35. My Dyno tale - Guidance from Alfred @ Tuning Tech and Jestr M1 flash...
  36. MR. Birdie: 376whp on 91 - Evo IX, GSC s1 cams, and Buschur 20G LT
  37. Dyno-saur Museum Exhibit 1: Stage 1+ Evo8 with an Evo9 turbo
  38. Braking wish list....
  39. What's the best HP on 91 octane using evo8 / 9/ 20g lt-FP grn turbo?
  40. AMS: Good Luck on your time attack car in SoCal!
  42. Redline Time Attack Overview
  43. Tuning Technologies covered in April 07 Import Tuner Magazine
  44. Tuning Tech Experience:
  45. Thanks for the great tune!
  46. FS: 2006 EVO IX Transfer case
  47. TT Tuned with cos worth cams - EVO IX
  48. Cams
  49. Big Thanx to TT
  50. TT: Anybody home??
  51. Thanks TT!
  52. My IX dyno'd at TT
  53. TT Tuned... Big thanks!
  54. Price on Cosworth Cams Install for EVO IX?
  55. Finally going to get tuned
  56. HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK I AM GOING TO MAKE? 91 tune!! Results listedTonight...
  57. Cruise to South Coast MItsubishi Evo meet for the TT crew....
  58. Retuned!
  59. SayWhen's new tune = Sick torque
  60. Appt. April 10th
  61. When are you moving into your new building!?
  62. We Are Looking For Sponsors/Partnerships
  63. Vortech_g35's Evo 9 - Cossie cams - AMS 35R kit - custom tune by Alfred
  64. Pictures of my new Toys
  65. Thanks Again Tuning Technologies
  66. Engine Dyno
  67. Tuning Technologies is off the hook!
  68. My Experience at TT
  69. scissor me timbers!!!
  70. Dyno result--Good numbers??
  71. went to tuning tech on wednesday
  72. A coolant leak, can some one assist me!
  73. I have no money!!!!!!
  74. Get it while it's HOT!!!! AMS 3076 Turbo Kit....Price drop$2200!!!!!
  75. Thanks peeps @ TT **update**
  76. Greddy Evo 9 Cams???
  77. 02 housing questions
  78. I need another appt.
  79. Advice for a IX
  80. More than I expected
  81. Advice on Cams
  82. tuning tech yo diggady!!! and what was up with my car
  83. APS intercooler fore sale $550 (used)
  84. Thanks for the fluid change on Saturday TT
  85. 2.4 GT35R roided out 91 octane MONSTER!!
  86. My experience at TT 326whp, 343tq
  87. Calling all SKYLINES to tuning technologies!!!
  88. what do you think i can get tuned
  89. Working at the car wash!!!
  90. Fixing the dyno database threads
  91. Dejohn MBC
  92. Got Meth?
  94. Green + VSR = What to expect!!
  95. Stage 1
  96. First time to a tuner ^_^ (the 5 bagillionth Tuning Tech experience thread)
  97. ecu based boost, if i get the hardware, can you tune with it?
  98. Hello
  99. Power Comparo: How do you stack up?
  100. Clutch install quote...
  101. thanks TT ... 340 whp and 333 tq
  102. Which Injectors
  103. Aluminum Spark Plug Covers!
  104. Custom Fabrication
  105. Nice to be back in the saddle
  106. Questions about getting a tune
  107. TTech Stroker, 3040 turbo, meth injection results
  108. Chris P's (aka TO4REVO) Meth injected 37R results
  109. TTech Caravan to MOD *MODIFIED*
  110. got my car back!
  111. vid of my run @ mod
  112. any experience with the new hks ix cams yet?
  113. Running Rich?
  114. Pic request Please!! Tuning tech TBE
  115. Need a tune bad please
  116. Getting tuned
  117. best boost controller to get?
  118. EVO VIII 20GLT on 100octane
  119. tune questions
  120. Girls Only thread! No boys allowed.
  121. I.E. Friday Meet night 8pm
  122. Hats off to Jenn and Alfred at TT!!
  123. My Dyno run at TT
  124. Need to go back to stock
  125. Its 122 degrees here and the ac in my tent just died.
  126. FP RED - Not in the works for the Evo
  127. Dyno Tune
  128. My GAS MILEAGE on 1000cc stock ecu
  129. Need a front lip!
  130. Thank you Tuning Technologies
  131. Come to Sema and visit Lisa and Rinkle (the Tuning Technologies Evo8)
  132. Long overdue thank you
  133. Another satisfied customer with TT turbo kit...
  134. EVO GREEN & 2.3 STROKER 352awhp & 358tq Overdue Thanks/Apologie
  135. CaLi4G63: When being a Tweaker is good-Meth vs. No meth
  136. God Bless Alfred
  138. How much to rent the dyno?
  139. Thanks Alfred!!
  140. Alfred, will you test stock injectors for us?
  141. Load Bearing Dyno
  142. street tuner challenge evo !!!
  143. Tuning tech is awesome!!
  144. Look who's tuning the new AccessPort for Evos
  145. damn!! alfred i just have one thing to say to u!!!
  146. Parts Install and Prices
  147. Congrats to Paul @ TT
  148. Vid of Paul and Ray's run at California Speedway 11/10/07
  149. tuned @ 100 octane race gas
  150. Alfred... I have one thing to say to you....
  151. 355 WHP and 311 TQ Evo 9 20g TME 91 oct.....
  152. Thanks alfred, Jenn and Tuning Technologies staff!
  153. WEBSITE???
  154. Tuning Technologies FOR THE WIN!!!!!
  155. the car is coming together!
  156. XMAS SPECIAL on Tuning and Labor!
  157. For sale used HKS BOV! $100
  158. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  159. What's Wrong With The Website
  160. Meth kits
  161. TTech in JDM Options magazine & an update on the car
  162. Re: TTech in JDM Options magazine
  163. A little late but Thank You for everyone at TT
  164. TTech in Redline Time Attack?
  165. Need Quote
  166. Jenn's take on the new EVO!
  167. Quote to install
  168. Finally got My Evo Back Thanks to TT– VERY LONG Story!!!
  169. MBC Taper Questions
  170. TT is bawlin!!!!
  171. thanks for the great tune tt
  172. Thx for thr Awesome Tune TT- Just Joined The Family !!
  173. Just sayin hi to TT and crew
  174. EVO X Upgrades by AMS!!! Exhaust, Intake, Motor Mounts, Intercoolers!!!!!!
  175. tuning tech convoy to HIN 3/22/08
  176. March Specials @ Tuning Technologies! Evo 9 Stg 1, Exedy Clutch, 60k Service
  177. thank you everyone at Tuning Technologies :)
  178. Evos and your boyfriend.......
  179. Need Quote for 06 IX MR
  180. Thanks Alfred and the TT crew, Tom don't read
  181. Today @ TTech!
  182. Need Alignment?
  183. Tuning Technologies Garage Sale!!! Lots of parts, used, new, stock!! DEALS!!
  184. alfred check out my cat
  185. Friday Night Meets @ Tuning Technologies !!!!!!
  186. Tuningtechnologies on the cover of DSport
  187. 35,000 Miles, Need Maintenance
  188. Tuning Technologies Authorized Dealers
  189. Tuning Tech is an Extreme Turbo Systems authorized dealer!!! Evo VIII IX & X
  190. What to expect when coming to us for a TUNE
  191. tuning with aquamist HFS-1
  192. Big thanks to MOTHER [email protected]#%#NG TT!
  193. Tuning Tech on SpeedTV?
  194. I'm tired of SAFC! Time for custom tune...
  195. I know this is a site for evos....
  196. better late then never
  197. family
  198. Old School TT, WRX on the dyno
  199. 2008 Modified Mag Tuner Shootout
  200. Fuel Cut??
  201. Thanks for the fluids
  202. Thanks Tuning Tech!
  203. mm donuts :)
  204. Pricing on getting a O2 bung TIG welded into downpipe?
  205. Nur spec FTW?
  206. Thanks, Again!!!
  207. Thanks for the race tune! *Track Pics!*
  208. Tuning Technologies rocks the EcuTeK for the Evo X
  209. Pikes Peak or Bust! Insane specials, July 14th-18th only! Get it on for MOD!!
  210. Video of Porsche new oil sump test rig
  211. Pics of work, since I can't get Jen and Alfred to visit...
  212. I want stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  213. thanks TT the Subaru "Olivia" drifts great
  214. earliest tt customer?? READ!
  215. Pikes Peak Pictues
  216. 2003 Evos: 94170008 to 94170015 = no more cruise p0300
  217. Upcoming Tune
  218. slow economy+high diesel fuel prices=cheap tow rigs
  219. Hey Alfred.
  220. Al I wanna reach 400!!! Help Me!!!!
  221. Tuning Tech Porsche
  222. Tuning Technologies performs magical tune!
  223. Heritage High's Latest Stage Act
  224. fluid changes for maintenance at 15k miles
  225. SoCalevo Meet #21 NEW DETAILS [email protected]@K
  226. about 30k service
  227. socalevo meet 21 video!!!
  228. do u guy do another car ?like civic si ?
  229. Alfred ygpm
  230. fp red+meth (only 21-22lbs). = 444hp
  231. Thanks Alfred Olivia the Drift Subaru rocks
  232. Congratulations to Lisa, Leon, and Tuning Tech!!!
  233. thank you guys
  234. Need IC
  235. and now we play the waiting game...
  236. Thanks for the Awesome Service and Work!!!!
  237. Alfred, found the link... Richard from Aquamist
  238. HO HO HO Merry XmaS!!
  239. Store Hours?!?
  240. Tuning Technologies Map Switching Information and dyno graphs
  241. Huge thanks to Alfred and crew!
  242. Tuning Tech can now Remap the 2009 Lancer Ralliart
  243. Toyota Yaris Tune?
  244. Going in for a new tune - cosworth m2 cams and invidia o2 housing + retune
  245. YES you can PASS SMOG w/ 272 cams...!
  246. Alfred!
  247. E85 Tunning at Tune Tech??
  248. Eng Comp. Essay - Criticism welcome
  249. big ups to TT and crew!
  250. from xede to ???