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  1. Under hood, removal of stuff...
  2. Problem locking door w/ turbo timer
  3. Metra Kit EvoX need HELP/INFO!!!
  4. ignition problem?? sometimes??
  5. IDLE PROBLEMS.......
  6. evo x navigation bypass HOW TO???
  7. Can someone come help me with this aem intake install???
  8. Turbo Timer ?
  9. Sunroof
  10. bypass for video input for iPod while driving???
  11. iPod on Aux
  12. taking off shift boot
  13. Things I want to know about my X
  14. Window Tinting, need to fix scratch problem
  15. Engine break-in
  16. Gauge pods for the evo x = /
  17. Installing an aftermarket steering wheel on a 10
  18. Evo X gas pedal
  19. Silencer in Stock Exhaust...
  22. wiring for STRI X-line boost gauge (mechanical)
  23. RPM dropping slowly
  25. 1st, 2nd, then 3rd slipped a bit
  26. Removal of Rear Tail Lights
  27. Anyone installed the UR pump kit and fuel filter??
  28. Defi Link Unit wiring help
  29. What MODS do you have & did you do them yourself?
  30. How you change your HID light bulbs without removing the bumper?
  31. Removal of front door panels
  32. Weird sound at start up? Please help
  33. Turbo Timber Question
  34. anyone surf here?
  35. evo x mr owners
  36. Finally a solution for the holes in the trunk-Going California Wingless
  37. Who Can help Install Eibach Pro Kit?
  38. NAVI System (instead of paying an extra 2k)(OpenSource Baby)
  40. How to remove EVO X rear seat??
  41. Evo X starting problem
  42. 2nd and 3r gear
  43. Brake problem after switching wheels =\
  44. gsr cam install
  45. What to do with keyless FOB when surfing?
  46. COBB AP EVO X Throwing Code AIRBAG U0184?
  47. SOS ecoscan!
  48. ECU Flash
  49. Reception Problems with Sirius... Stock Antenna Issue?
  50. Unlock all doors with FAST key?
  51. Front bumper lip
  52. MOVED: Is the Evo X GSR worth ditching my VIII GSR??
  53. MOVED: need suggestions
  54. Hallow wine I think it's coming from turbo.
  55. Car goes in limp mode or something
  56. How To: turn off Daytime Running Light on non-HID Xs
  57. need help
  58. turbo timer/ harness
  59. reseting the fast key system?
  60. Weird Idle
  61. Right dome light won't turn on.
  62. last hose on aem intake
  63. RECARO seat problem **pics inside**
  64. Oil Change in El Cajon, San Diego?
  65. Evo noob needs help...
  66. need help with nisei intake pipe install
  67. Boost Leak Testing???? Does any one know of a Place to go to???
  68. Brakes
  69. How to remove Large SSS wing
  70. High pitch whistle from car???
  71. GSR SSS phone function
  72. DIY Mini Wing Removal of Base Model GSR
  73. AEM intake install issue - PCV 90 degree connector
  74. Ultimate Racing 3" Long Down Pipe
  75. Alignment problem, please help
  76. idle and throttle problems, HELP!!!!
  77. Anybody Install an HKS Oil Thermostat?
  78. Passenger headlight won't move along with the dial.
  79. EVO X Fuel Pipe Recall
  80. Painting EVO X Hood Scoop
  81. Cabin Air Filter
  82. weird rmp's, HELP!!!!
  83. SMART key not being read by my X!........HELP
  84. A different idle problem.. need your help!!!
  85. EVO X motor in Baja Bug, Need ECU help/Advice
  86. Anyone know how to Remove Exterior Door Handles?
  87. Car runs rough in the rain...
  88. delete
  89. AEM UEGO
  90. ASC Off, ABS Required Servicng
  91. Has Anybody Disabled Non SSS DRL's???
  92. evo idling keeps going up
  94. tail light install?
  95. evoX need suggestion... Graphs from Tune 3/13/10
  96. EVO X - Apexi Turbo Timer... where to wire O2?
  97. Intake whining?
  98. Evo X Problem After Exhaust intall!!!
  99. Evo X A/F Install
  100. Evo X Cold Start Lifter Tic!!
  101. StealthArmor Carbon Fiber Film for interior/Exterior
  102. Anyone run into a problem similar to this one?
  103. need help on removing a trim
  104. Perma Star Black-Chrome on ROTA Grids
  105. Tow hook
  106. useless key?
  107. O2 Wideband Installation Shop
  108. Thule roof rack help.
  109. need turbo timer diagram for evo 8
  110. Evo X serpentine belt removal?
  111. Stock Navi bypass ? How to
  112. Mobil 1 10W-30 suffice for Evo X
  113. help! i cant find it. i searched.
  114. Evo X navigation. How to turn up the phone volume, and turn down the beep!
  115. Steering & Steering Wheel Issue
  116. Strange idle
  117. Need Help with HID on EVO X
  118. aem intake
  119. noise from wheels/front of car
  120. Left to Right motion on Steering wheel causing clunking below.
  121. Can any one tell me where can I get the top roof laminated black?
  122. MMCS ipod integration
  123. O2 Sensor modification using spark plug non-foulers
  124. high frequency rattle at 5000-5500 r's
  125. Various questions
  126. turbo timer help
  127. i have a problem with beep on my evo
  128. high pitch flutter at high rpms?
  129. EVO X 30GB Hard Drive Question
  130. rpm signal?
  131. Make Gas Better...
  132. Evo X Walbro fuel Pump Install Issue
  133. In Gear, off throttle noise in 2nd-5th gear
  134. How to Monitor A/F w/ Greddy InforMeter Touch
  135. evo x metra mito-02
  136. BBS wheel reconditioning
  137. Leak Help
  138. Clutch stuck to the floor
  139. Driver's Seat - Back Pain wtf??
  140. clutch slipping at 6k miles
  141. Apexi Turbo Timer
  142. Turbo Timer Install
  143. Just need some advice!
  144. VHT Epoxy paint
  146. 08 GSR with SSS rockford fosgate system high pitch ringin using AUX
  147. loud squeeking noise in front right dash
  149. Spring Installl Help
  150. SSS hid ajustment
  151. Undertray. Remove?
  152. Train horn install questions
  153. How to: install new trunk lid?
  154. pulled - battery and now problem *help pls*
  155. how can i make my day time running lights ans my fog lights work at the sametime
  156. Cracking sounds when i turn the wheel?
  157. Need Help with CF Lip Install
  158. Evo X: How does ECU know you've done an oil change
  159. Lowering Seat on X
  161. longer start up??
  162. Broken Headlight...anyone got this?
  163. broken camber bults/nuts and damanged alignment bracket
  164. Blackout Evo X HID headlights
  165. Custom Exhaust Question
  166. Mounting Beatrush License Plate Holder With 3M
  167. Evo X No Crank No Start
  168. Really Loud Chattering/Knocking Noise.
  169. Weird clanking sounds.
  170. Wooo! Another TC-SST Problem.
  171. Check out Dash Conversion
  172. Which fuse is for the car charger?
  173. Anyone come up with a clean looking way to mount a Front Plate on a X???
  174. oem window visor install
  176. Evo X BOV
  177. Clutch pedal issue
  178. Differences between Rockford Fos. HU and stock HU
  179. swapping side skirts
  180. Evo X Carbon Fiber hood fitment.
  181. how do i reset..
  182. boost restrictor pill
  183. Shop Manual for the X
  184. Evo x whistling/whooshing noise
  185. DTC P1320 Error Code (yes, me too)
  186. Coilover Question
  187. Request: DIY ETS o2 Dump/Downpipe Install
  188. EVO10 fluid leak where driveshaft goes into center differential
  189. How-To: LED Dash Conversion
  190. Side Skirt Extentions?
  191. Rockford Fosgate amp caught on fire
  192. HOW TO: Zeitronix ZT-2 Gauge Install - Boost and Wideband AFR
  193. Trailer hitch install...NOT DIY
  194. AMS intake install help...
  195. diy: fukn highway debris : (
  196. Mizu vs Mishimoto
  197. SSS HID bulb removal??
  198. Evo X Seat and Steering Wheel Position
  199. Going wingless question.
  200. Bad to drive in reverse fast, or for long distance?
  201. headlight bulb
  202. AEM boost guage install without drilling or firewall for a X
  203. Help finding 12v Switched power
  204. My X freaking out...??? PROBLEM SOLVED!
  205. Strange flapping noise.
  206. Anyone Installing TWM short shifter soon?
  207. Ganador Mirrors on an Evo X
  208. Evo X Fuel Door Clip Question
  209. 2011 Evo MR bluetooth and iPhone 4S issue...
  210. After market Head Unit for EVO X 2011
  211. EVO X Incoming Call rings?
  212. ASC problem or Differential problem???
  213. Evo X 2010 Stock Driver Side Tow Hook/Loop Removal
  214. Rear window spontaneously shattered today. :(
  215. Curb rash ins-and-outs
  216. Got a P0017 code
  217. Wierd Rattle Noise Coming From Pannel Behind Rear Seats
  218. Engine Check light - Audio controls not working.
  219. Mitsubishi Evo X Short Shifter Install DIY
  220. Mitsubishi Evo X Full Replacement Short Shifter Install DIY
  221. Made a stupid mistake :(, need some help
  222. 2011 Evo X GSR 5th Gear Fwy Rattle
  223. I lost my keys... but still have the spare one
  224. 4 point harnesses for EVO X Stock Recaros
  225. Evo X clutch engagement point changed?
  226. Powder Coating Question
  227. Hex key nut missing from rotor. Is this a problem?? PICTURE INCLUDED
  228. ID 1000cc What kind of clips are these? and how do i install them?
  229. Please HELP Boost Leak on my BBX Turbo??
  230. WTF is wrong with my Evo X now!? please help :(
  231. screeching @ cruising speed
  232. Evo X MR (Piston Slapping spark plug, Cylinder 2) F**K!
  233. Cobb Accessport help
  234. OIL in UICP
  235. Loud Squeak When I Turn the Wheel
  236. evo x - cant unlock doors with fob, handle, or key.
  237. Car got hit today! Need a referral
  238. Loud Rattle Coming From Heat Shield
  239. Need help with lighter fuse problem!
  240. Rough Idling.
  241. blacking out MR trim
  242. ams short ram intake on 2013 evo x
  243. how to turn off airbag sign?
  244. ams underhood shifter bushings...
  245. Need Help Figuring Out Whats Wrong
  246. help: with a high rpm surge
  247. Please help with hid issue
  248. boost leak?
  249. Schroth Rallye 3 harness
  250. Disabling the seat belt chime