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  1. Transmission rebuild pricing thread
  2. NEED Experts on Transmission
  3. Swapping Transmissions
  4. ACT HDSS longevity
  5. specs for rebuild on exedy twin carbon twin plate ??
  6. exedy stage 1
  7. Front LSD Question 2003 evo 8
  8. Tranny problems after rebuild looking for some help
  9. Life of a Stock CLutch Show your mileage.
  10. How possible to swap the ACD and the AYC from a Jdm Evo 8 to my evo 8 03
  11. life of a act clutch on a stock evo8rs
  12. Notchy shifts
  13. ACT Stg 4-Puck OR Exedy Stg 2 Ceremetallic
  14. Having Tranny Problems! ACT heavy duty clutch
  15. is this a diff problem?
  16. tranny question?
  17. Test drove, and...
  19. Fluid change
  20. Who is using a F1 clutch?
  21. its hard to shift into 5th gear, any suggestions?
  22. Stage 3 clutch
  23. Stock Clutch vs ACT Clutch
  24. F1 Racing Flywheel
  25. Exedy twin plate?
  26. tranny
  27. Testing new front diff...
  28. Clutch
  29. first official post, new owner of evo 9 mr. Drivetrain maintenance suggestion.
  30. Just great....my car now sounds like its has straight-cut gears
  31. light-weight flywheel
  32. Uncle Scottys Cocktail....
  33. when to push the ACD?
  34. help with tranny!!
  35. RPM's stay up after i put it in neutral??
  36. Tranny? T-case? im stumped! dunno whats wrong....
  37. weird noise coming from rear diff
  38. Clicking noise when i start my car up
  39. need a new clutch
  40. Updated! Tranny? Trans? Diff? Suggestion is greatly appreciated
  41. Bleeding ACD fluid from IX
  42. Clutch recommendation !
  43. Clutch Problem... We all need a little help sometimes..
  44. Re-adjusted clutch pedal.Questions
  45. clutch question guys! need help!
  46. How much Does a 5 speed tranny cost?
  47. tranny fluid
  48. T-CASE
  49. ACD Fluid
  50. Driving...Car popped out of gear
  51. Clutch Help ASAP!!!
  52. About to get a new clutch...which one?
  53. Throwing it into gear issues
  54. pink fluid coming out from the tranny ?somebody help.
  55. Rear diff locking under hard accel?? wtf?
  56. ACD Fluid level went from Min to Max after driveline fluid change?
  57. Whining Sound
  58. MR 6 speed or GSR 5 speed. Which is better
  59. flywheel
  60. evo 9 tcase
  61. ACD Fliud Question
  62. what is a dogbox?
  63. which clutch would you recommend??
  64. shep racing trany
  65. OS Giken Gear Oil
  66. Has anybody done the acd reflash
  67. What's a good short shifter???
  69. whining sound in first gear and coasting down from first gear?
  70. recommended diff fluid, tranny and oil?
  71. Oil Leak Help!
  72. clutch for 500whp.
  73. Downpipe Vs Oil Pan
  74. Has anyone tried an ACT six puck sprung disk with a stock pressure plate?
  75. ACD Delete?
  76. 5 speed to 6 speed mr tranny question, HELP!
  77. found this complete drivetrain fluid change deal, but have question!
  78. Redline in T case? Yes or No?
  79. Clutch install problem need help asap.
  80. need help/suggestion with throw-out bearing
  81. Tranmission Rebuilds @ or around Vegas ?
  82. BLOX Racing Engine Roll Stopper / Pics
  83. slow leak from driver side inner axle going to tranny
  84. Redline MT-90
  85. Evo9 tranny fit on evo8??
  86. High-pitch whine in 1st only.
  88. How does a differential work?
  89. a couple clutch questions
  90. Clutch problems, help!
  91. clutch grinding noise when engaging the clutch and others
  92. First gear problem evo 8
  93. ultimate ratio shep trans
  94. Can someone please tell me why my RRE SS clutch line keeps breaking?
  95. Question about clutch and gas pedal
  96. Need new clutch asap
  97. Torque tube broke do I need to pull the whole tranny to replace it?
  98. second gear notchy, feel like grinding when it cold - 6speed mr tranny
  99. Rear Diff Clunk
  100. 05' Transmision not shifting right!!!!!
  101. ACD/transfercase failure
  102. Couple Questions
  103. shifting after getting a tune
  104. shaft that goes through the trans and transfercase
  106. Transfer Case leaking from the rear
  107. Front diff fluid?
  108. help now! *problem fixed
  109. Transfercase and down pipe problem need help
  110. tran problems
  111. grinding in the rear (no homo) LoL
  112. my tranny problem
  113. Gearbox Engagement Explained by MSI
  114. How long should IX Clutch last?
  115. grinding in 5th gear
  116. 6 speed salvation!?!?
  117. Royal Purple or Redline Diaqueen or Redline for Tcase n rear
  118. Delete please
  119. life of an exedy stage 1 clutch
  120. Bad rattling noise please help
  121. Short throw shift pains!!
  122. IX MR transfer case fits IX GSR?
  123. engine swap from evo 9 to evo 8
  124. EVO IX Shift question....
  125. Tranny + T-case Oil question
  126. Some questions
  127. what clutch to get???
  128. Hi all, new 06 IX mr owner here! A few quick ?'s
  129. 1st gear whining noise?
  130. ACD Tarmac/Gravel.. question
  131. 4th gear grind when IN gear...
  132. Need to know what kind of fluid to use
  133. FML clutch fried
  134. Rattle noise and vibrate during turn ...??
  135. Need New clutch.....
  136. Shep Trans Mileage
  137. Tranny rebuild time!
  138. tranny fail
  139. Noob question about exedy twin disc
  140. clutch adjustment needed, any recommand shop around 626 area
  141. Transfercase noise???.. HELP
  142. could it be the clutch? need help
  143. dragging clutch or adjustment?
  144. 2006 EVO steering noise
  145. Gears turn to mush and shifter gets offset
  146. Clutch noise
  147. transmition Temps and built motors
  148. exedy stage 1 organic clutch problem??
  149. in 5th gear at high speeds car bogs out
  150. is evo9 1rst and 5th gears worth it!?
  151. speed sensor
  152. Transfer case leaking between transmission and transfercase
  153. 6-speed conversion
  154. After market clutch
  155. Gear grind
  156. Will dealership fix 5th gear grind under warranty?
  157. I need help...clutch? IDK....
  158. Oil Brand of Choice
  159. clutch replacement location!!!
  160. Evo 9 MR tranny/clutch issues?
  161. Review Redlines MT-85 Gear Oil
  162. Is my friends tranny screwed???
  163. 4th gear problem!
  165. Radiator leak
  166. Fluid leaking from the transfer case from the driveshaft..?
  167. Need some help
  168. can the clutch affect the ACD?
  169. Do I need to push the clutch pedal all the way in?
  170. new clutch
  171. Oil PSI Question's
  172. Oil Weight
  173. Best way to ship a transmission?
  174. Im Looking for some spare diaqueen LSD oil?
  175. Vibration comes and goes.
  176. should i use motorkote hyper lub..?
  177. Clutch pedal stiff
  178. replacing other parts when replacing the clutch
  179. Evo 9 Mr trans
  180. Will a clutch for a 5 speed mess up a 6 speed trany?
  181. MR 6 speed rebuild
  182. On Downshift I hear a loud squeek
  183. 4th gear grinding with high RPMs...
  184. Tranny needs rebuild :(
  185. Need new clutch. ACT question and recommendations..
  186. rear diff slap..is it bad or not?
  187. Drivetrain Fluid Change
  188. Growling noise from transmission area 5speed Evo IX Cusco Twin Plate Clutch
  189. Evo 9 mr tranny fluid?
  190. Clutch Help ??
  191. Need Help, Stock Evo 8 Clutch.
  192. progressive whine noise ???
  193. acd lights, lite up for all modes, tarmac, gravel, snow.... problem?
  194. transmission upgrade help
  195. evo 8 transmission swap with evo 9
  196. need help ASAP!! rear diff
  197. Stuck in gear when shifting at high RPM's
  198. Tranny needs rebuild, also thinking about regearing it???
  199. Cheap tire mounting/balance in San Fernando Valley?
  200. jdm 5th gear conversion
  201. TOB + Grease?
  202. vibration clunking sound from ???
  203. Mitsubishi Facebook Sponsorship Project EXTRAVAGANZA
  204. Is there Underhood shifter bushings for my evo?
  205. How much would a 6 speed Trans cost me??
  206. Transfer case ?
  207. Good place in LA area to get a trans. rebuild done?
  208. Reverse not engaging
  209. Metal shavings from transmission? What is normal? (pic added)
  210. whine from tranny when down shifting
  211. 6spd at 65mph
  212. What oil do you use in your Rear Diff
  213. 5 speed tranny w/no second gear
  214. Dissapearing 3rd gear on 6 speed trans
  215. clutch replacement
  216. Grinding/Rubbing noise during Deceleration
  217. Clutch sound
  218. evo 8 5th gear grind
  219. Clutch grinding noise when decelerating (2004 Evo 8 with 85K miles)
  220. Rear Differential Mod
  221. TC oil?
  222. First gear whine
  223. Test
  224. need to find evo 9, 5 speed transfercase, anyone?
  225. Clutches
  226. MT85 redline reviews? (sorry, repost)
  227. T-case
  228. short shifter
  229. Evo without ACD
  230. Need help dropping transmission
  231. evo ix clutch problems
  232. evo ix mr acting up
  233. i live in the i.e. and i need a clutch kit
  234. act. clutch
  235. ACD System Issues (constant stand-by mode after number of attempts)
  236. Clunk when starting in first and reverse
  237. drive shaft rebuild
  238. Possible Tranny problems
  239. need advice for new clutch
  240. Clutch Stuck. need some help please!!
  241. Need help today right now!
  242. ACT Mono Loc
  243. Clutch Job, Now Not Going into Gear. Help !
  244. Transmission Problems with only 20k miles?
  245. Wuartermaster twin 6-leg or 8-leg clutch?
  246. Take off problem, speed density tuned
  247. Center Rear Differential rattles when starting up
  248. Help needed ASAP!!!! please
  249. what could be? Tranny, clutch, Axel shafts, bearings?
  250. Clutch master cylinder