View Full Version : 818 Racing looking to sponsor EVO for Hot Import Nights!

818 Racing
02-29-2004, 09:38 PM
818Racing is looking for a local LA Evo to represent our 2nd generation billet accessory kit at the Hot Import Night Car Show.

We have changed the look of our original kit by removing the Japanese writing and adding our logo with laser engraving. We also had all the parts clear anodized. To see all of the parts please visit www.818racing.com.

We are offering 65% off of the selling price in exchange for using our product. You will get the entire kit for 70.00!

We also have a radiator shield in the process of being made and are hoping to have 1 unit ready by late Friday. If the shield is ready you will also be able to get that as well for an extra 25.00!!!

We are selling the parts below cost to get our name and parts recodnized.

If you live in LA and have a EVO that will be shown at the H.I.N. car show and are interested in having our 4 piece engine accessory kit on your car, please e-mail me at:

[email protected]