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01-25-2006, 02:19 PM
SoCalEvo.net Global Rules and Guidelines

SoCalEvo.net Representation

Under no circumstance is a member of SoCalEvo.net allowed to represent SoCalEvo.net, Staff, or Members in any way.

SoCalEvo.net Logo - Acceptable Use and Copyright

Use of the SoCalEvo.net logo is prohibited unless there is written permission from a SoCalEvo.net Administrator ([email protected]).
Use of the SoCalEvo.net logo for the purpose of profit is prohibited unless there is written permission from a SoCalEvo.net Administrator ([email protected]).
The SoCalEvo.net logo/graphics and it's terms are all trademarked and copyrighted. Commercial use is STRICTLY prohibited unless written authorization is given.

Forum Conduct

All members are to be courteous to other members and not instigate conflict.
Keep things posted work safe. Work safe means no pornography or nude girls in your avatars or links to them.
Please do not create topics or subjects with vulgar words. If you use it within the content of your posts, keep it to a minimum.
Threats and personal attacks to fellow members will not be tolerated. Please keep your posts civil.
Keep on-topic, if you start to go too far off-topic in a thread your post may be deleted and you may be warned.
Discussions about "canyon running" or "street racing" are prohibited. SoCalEvo.net does not condone those actions. People die in these situations - you could too.
There are words which are restricted and attempting to override them may get you banned. There is no room for discussion on this.
POST YOUR SUBJECT IN THE RIGHT FORUMS. It may get to a point where SoCalEvo.net staff won't move your posts anymore and just delete them.
Do not post scans and images of magazine articles currently in circulation. Magazines need customers for them to exist.

Private Messages

Private messages are the best way to communicate disputes or concerns without causing a site-wide conflict.
Please do not reply to the private message notification you get via e-mail. This will send an email to the administrator not the person it was intended for. Reply to private messages from inside the forum.
You may forward private messages to a SoCalEvo.net Administrator ([email protected]) if you feel there is a problem.
Members conducting business through the PM system will lose their PM privilege.

Event Conduct

All members are to be courteous to other members and not instigate conflict.
Please do not do any burnouts, engine revving, donuts, or displays of speed in public parking lots. This is also for safety. While you feel you are under control, anything can happen, and we do not want anyone to be hurt.
Respect other people's cars and property. This includes leaning or sitting on cars, opening cars to look inside, or touching engine/stereo components if they have left their hood/trunk open for people to look.
Please try to obey traffic laws while on a 'cruise' or 'caravan'. While it can be fun to show off a little of what your car has under the hood, that is not what a cruise/caravan is for.
Use common sense. When you come to one of our meets, just use your head, and don't do anything stupid!
Please clean up after yourselves. Don't leave trash around.

Rules for Classifieds

As there are many legalities involved, please do not advertise items such as weapons or arms (deadly/lethal).
Do not advertise anything illegal (such as drugs or slaves), it will be removed immediately and the originating account banned.
Although the ad does not strictly have to be Evo related, try and keep the items pertinent to the category it's in.
When you have sold the item please state this in the thread.
If you are offering a group buy please contact a SoCalEvo.net Administrator ([email protected]) for approval and posting instructions.
Please update your items at least once every 30 days until it is sold. Any items not modified for 90 days will be removed systematically.
Items sold for profit or services are not permitted. No exceptions.
Please don't post eBay items. If you are selling something, advertise it as a private sale, not an auction. This can result in a temporary ban. If your classified thread is similar to an eBay auction or is meant to exploit the scarcity of an item for profit, don't even think about it.
Do not post any form of raffle. Raffles are illegal in the state of California.
Vendors are not allowed to post sale items in Private Classifieds. Only private sale items just like any other member.
Buyer beware, especially with group buys. If they are not sanctioned by one of our vendors or done by SoCalEvo.net you should be cautious. Group buys MUST be approved by a SoCalEvo.net Administrator ([email protected]).
If you have a problem with someone selling you an item please contact them privately first to try to resolve the problem. If this does not resolve your problem, please contact an SoCalEvo.net Administrator ([email protected]).
For help on creating a classified ad, please refer to this topic (http://www.socalevo.net/forum/index.php?topic=16960.0).

We do not condone conducting commercial business unless you are a registered vendor. By being a registered vendor you help support the site and as a result allow yourself greater business opportunities. We take all violations seriously and will take drastic measures (such as permanent bans) if we discover such activity. Even if the services are being done for free, we do not allow anyone to use the SoCalEvo member base to promote any service.

Failure to adhere to these rules can result in a temporary ban or being asked to leave the community. We take this seriously.