View Full Version : Quickstart Guide - Just Registered? Read here.

07-04-2009, 12:44 PM
Welcome and thanks for registering on SoCalEvo.net. We are a community dedicated to the Lancer Evolution based out of Southern California, you can say we are the biggest Evo "club" in the world.

This is a quickstart guide to help you get started on how, why, and where to post.

First a quick note about commercial shops, tuners, vendors, advertising. If you are a commercial vendor, you may NOT post any commercial posts soliciting business or conducting market research on the site without becoming a registered vendor. You may contact us at the following for information on how to become a registered vendor or advertising: (this includes your profile, any signature promoting a business without being a registered vendor will be deleted with all posts and banned)


If you are new you can introduce yourself in our Newbies forum:


If you want to sell your personal items, you must first participate in the forums by posting. Your post will only count if they are a post of substance, the forum has automatic standards built in to count only posts of substance, one word replies or sometimes even one sentence replies are NOT counted. Attempting to sell your items in anywhere but Private Classifieds will result in consequences.

Evo General - while a lot of traffic is posted in Evo General, there are guidelines, please follow them:


Basically don't ask to find a specific person, ask for help, or post reviews of a vendor in Evo General.

Buyer's Corner - this is where to post a review about a certain vendor, positive or negative.

Regional forums - if you want to post or lookup regional meets.

Meets and Events - post interesting meets and events, but NO meets or events at unregistered vendors or shops.

At the top of most forums are some guidelines, please follow them or there will be people ridiculing you most likely.