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09-15-2010, 07:39 PM
Attention To Detail, Backed Up By Japanese Engine Specialists

September 14, 2010 by Enomoto-san


With the turn of the global economy and the effects it had on the automobile industry, one must ask; who actually gets sponsored these days? In these hard times, its a meaningless question to pursue; however sponsorships are directly related to the exposure and good brand image of the company. The life of Jason Macgill’s EVO builds actually started as a plain sponsorship from Tomei Powered, the engine specialists. This relationship was mainly fueled by Macgill’s undying pursuit of maintaining the positive status of the company, and actually carried the burden of proper representation of a 40 year old brand image.* Over the years, Tomei Powered recognized that Macgill was no ordinary enthusiast, but one that devoted his valuable time for the success of the company.


The Mitsubishi* EVO X was immediately acquired at the US release date, even before some hit the dealer lots. Then began the networking to various Japanese companies such as Voltex, Colt Speed, and even Ralliart since these companies were already producing aftermarket performance parts for this fresh chassis.


Sure the car looks pretty with its body kit and carbon fiber components, it must be a show-car. I think not. This car is more a test mule that quietly accepts the crazy (but powerful) ideas that the Tomei Engineers have conjectured in their highly organized minds. The vehicle has been ROM tuned by the masterful Jon Drenas of HBSPEED , with a custom tuning map straight from Tomei. Other products that are visible are the super high quality Colt Speed items, as well a custom suspension setup built, installed, and setup by Robispec.


The cockpit or as Macgill would refer to “my favorite spot away from the wife and kids”, serves as a road assassin. This relatively compact AWD machine is capable of embarrasing some of the worlds best engineered exotics, just with a heavy right foot and snappy paddle shifting The center mechanical lever that looks like a slot machine handle is the Colt Speed GT inspired shifter unit made exclusively for the EVO X SST transmission.


Jealously and envy rages to those who witness this car shooting down the Southern California highways on a perfect Sunday afternoon. Little do they know, that this machine is the end result of hard work, dedication, and the countless hours spent on deciphering communication with Japanese tuning parts makers. It is something that was handed down to him however. From the Mitsubishi Gods!