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Does anyone know if ANY gas stations nearby are planning on opening E85 pumps?* I know Obama is pushing ethanol and more local oil production.* We were supposed to get a ethanol plant made near Famoso, not sure if its currently in production or still on hold.* I'm wanting to get something better than 91 into the EVO without injecting methanol/alcohol or mixing paint products to get higher octane.

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Fuck Obama and Ethanol.

I understand it makes good power in the Evo but there is zero reason for this shit gas to be subsidized by the taxpayers. If it wasn't for that ethanol wouldn't be on the market period. It would NEVER survive without being propped up.

I would much rather eat corn than burn it up in my car.

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Here is the thread with all of the California E85 stations


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Here is the thread with all of the California E85 stations


Yeah those are very far away from Fresno/Bakersfield :).* Oxnard is about the closest at 2 hours away from Bakersfield :-\.* Thread is asking if theres any local pumps opening anytime soon.

02-25-2012, 12:37 PM
Most likely there will be no new ones. Because CA is a green state and legislators really support cleaner burning fuels. :)
Closest one from where I live is 185miles. Simply it is a joke. My evo runs on E85 and I will never ever put that 91 octane shit in my car.
I got one engine in my shop from (EVO) which was daily driven, all it's life on 91oct Cali gas. Disaster.
Personally I have few drums and I have to get my E85 from 180miles away.
And as far as fuel quality goes, I am from EU and man I can tell you fuel in CA is just beyond BAD, stated 91oct... well you will be lucky if it will have 90oct.
And just to be clear EVO engine was designed for 98oct gas, and detuned for US market to run on 93.
I tested myself fuel (91) from few gas stations in Visalia area and none of them were even close to 90oct.

After I moved to CA, I even called DMV to check what's going on with E85 and why it's not available in many places. Nobody even knew what E85 was :) After 5min of explaining what E85 is I gave up.
I was assuming since lots of states like NV for example consider E85 as "Alternative" fuel then CA for sure will have it everywhere.

BTW. 4G63 FEVER* E85 has nothing to do with Obama and politics. It's a more efficient fuel, with high octane rating that is much cheaper to make and you can make it of almost anything. In US choice was made to make it of corn since we are one of the biggest corn producers and there is also big lobbying behing corn industry.
E85 is simply an alcohol, actually with few additives so you can't drink it. For you information your gas contains already up to 15% of Ethanol (E85) same thing. So you are already using it. And as far as eating corn. You eat a lot of it in almost any product (high fructose corn syrup) look at label next time you will buy food.
Only small amount of corn is actually being used to make fuel. I think last year it was 2% of total production.

* *

12-25-2012, 08:21 PM
There is a chevron in Tulare by the outlets that has E85!