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TWM Performance
09-02-2011, 03:48 PM
http://www.twmperformance.com/banners/twm_logo.jpg (http://www.twmperformance.com)

---- The ULTIMATE Weighted Shift Knob for YOUR Ride from TWM Performance! ----

The Most Unique Shift Knob in the industry is a TWM Performance Weighted Shift Knob! With features NEVER before seen, the TWM Performance M1 Abrams is the BEST PREMIUM Weighted Shift Knob for Your Ride!

-TWM Performance M1 Abrams Weighted Shift Knob! (http://www.twmshiftknobs.com/shiftknobs/shiftknobs_shop.php?gearknob=Mitsubishi%20and%20up %20Evo%20X%202008%20and%20up)

http://www.twmperformance.com/shiftknobs/m1_stainless2.jpg (http://www.twmshiftknobs.com/shiftknobs/shiftknobs_shop.php?gearknob=Mitsubishi%20and%20up %20Evo%20X%202008%20and%20up)

-HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Using the unique TWM Performance ATIS (Aluminum Threaded Insert System) TWM Shift Knobs offer over 1 Inch of height adjustability for the ultimate custom shift experience.

-WEIGHTED: The TWM Performance M1 Abrams weighs in at 460 Grams (Over 1 Pound!) making for an almost effortless FAST shift with any type of shifter, either using a stock shifter or a TWM Performance Short Shifter. (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/)

-CUSTOM THREAD-ON OEM FIT: TWM Performance Shift Knobs will fit ALL Cars!

-FULLY TRANSFERABLE: Getting a New Ride? No worries, YOUR TWM Performance Shift Knob will follow you FOR LIFE! TWM Performance offers Adapters and Solutions for ALL Car Makes that are Interchangable!

-LIFETIME WARRANTY: EVERY TWM Performance Product is Guaranteed for LIFE!

Does YOUR Ride Deserve a TWM Performance Shift Knob? BUY Yours NOW in a Stainless Steel finish starting at $119.95! (http://www.twmshiftknobs.com/shiftknobs/shiftknobs_shop.php?gearknob=Mitsubishi%20and%20up %20Evo%20X%202008%20and%20up)

Click HERE (http://www.twmshiftknobs.com/shiftknobs/shiftknobs_shop.php?gearknob=Mitsubishi%20and%20up %20Evo%20X%202008%20and%20up) to order today!

-TWM Performance M1 Abrams Weighted Shift Knob! (http://www.twmshiftknobs.com/shiftknobs/shiftknobs_shop.php?gearknob=Mitsubishi%20and%20up %20Evo%20X%202008%20and%20up)

The M1 Abrams (http://www.twmshiftknobs.com/shiftknobs/m1abrams-shiftknobs.html) is also offered in 8 other finishes!
If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by posting in this thread, sending us a pm, sending us an email ([email protected]), or by giving us a call toll free at 1-877-655-0540!


Team TWM Performance

04-15-2012, 01:59 PM
I'll give you a ride in a real M1 Abrams if you give me one! :D