View Full Version : Achilles Saves Your Wallet Tire Specials!!!!!

09-23-2011, 05:26 PM
Hey Socal Evo Guys and Gals,

You guys just got hit with school costs for yourself or for your kids, and we're here to help alleviate that wallet lightening. We are going to have a Sale on the Achilles ATR Sport! There are many sizes to choose from to mount on your street or shine setup. They are also great for getting that meaty look or stretching to be hellaflush/stanced.*

ATR Sport


Here are the sizes available as well as our special Socal Evo pricing per tire:

185/55ZR15 $58.00
195/50R15 $58.00
195/55R15 $61.00
195/60ZR15 $62.00
195/50R16 $63.00
195/55R16 $63.00
205/50R16 $66.00
205/55ZR16 $70.00
195/45R16 XL $59.00
205/45R16 XL $64.00
215/55ZR16 XL $75.00
215/60ZR16 XL $79.00
225/50ZR16 XL $78.00
225/55ZR16 XL $77.00
205/40ZR17 XL $56.00
205/45ZR17 XL $66.00
205/50ZR17 XL $71.00
215/45ZR17 XL $68.00
215/50ZR17 XL $73.00
215/55ZR17 XL $75.00
225/45ZR17 XL $69.00
225/50ZR17 XL $79.00
235/45ZR17 XL $77.00
245/45ZR17 XL $84.00
215/35ZR18 XL $74.00
215/40ZR18 XL $73.00
225/40ZR18 XL $75.00
225/45ZR18 XL $81.00
235/40ZR18 XL $86.00
245/40ZR18 XL $86.00
245/45ZR18 XL $98.00
265/35ZR18 XL $116.00
225/35ZR19 XL $99.00
235/35ZR19 XL $102.00
245/35ZR19 XL $101.00
265/30ZR19 XL $107.00
275/30ZR19 XL $118.00
225/30ZR20 XL $92.00
225/35ZR20 XL $83.00
235/30ZR20 XL $84.00
245/30ZR20 XL $108.00
245/35ZR20 XL $90.00
255/35ZR20 XL $103.00
275/30ZR20 XL $114.00

Give us a call about the availability of the sizing you're looking for. We usually stock these in our local warehouse and can have them ready to ship to you within about a day if they're in stock. If you have any questions about the size you should run on your wheels/vehicle we are always available for fitment questions on AIM at CityTireInfo . You can also reach us at 323-564-5797 or 888-977-8473. Thanks guys and gals.