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TWM Performance
10-07-2011, 08:38 AM
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****TWM Performance ONE TIME 10% Discount!!! ****

That’s right, you heard correctly! I’m posting up these 3 discount codes that will get you 10% off of your entire TWM Performance order! This is a HUGE offer!!

Here is how it will work

There are 3 codes listed below. Each code is good for 10% off of an entire TWM Performance order however they can only be used once each! This means that ONLY 3 lucky people will get 10% off of their orders. So if the first code doesn’t work, HURRY and try the second and third! If none work, you missed your chance :(

Here are the codes. Get your order in ASAP!


Just enter the code into the discount code box upon checkout! It's that easy! :)

These codes are good on ALL TWM Performance products!

Short Shifters (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters)
Shift knobs (http://www.twmshiftknobs.com/)
Bushings (http://www.twmperformance.com/bushingkits/index.htm/)
Boots (http://www.twmperformance.com/shiftboots/index.htm)
Extenders (http://www.twmperformance.com/shifterextenders/index.htm)

Short Shifter Store - TWM Performance Short Shifters (http://www.twmperformance.com)
Shift Knob Store - TWM Performance Shift Knobs (http://www.twmshiftknobs.com)

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us (1-877-655-0540), send us an email ([email protected]) or pm us on the forum!


Team TWM Performance