View Full Version : Tomioka Racing Long Widemouth Downpipe for EVO X

EDO Performance
11-21-2011, 05:32 PM

All stainless steel and TIG welded 3" EVO X long widemouth downpipe for with braided flexible section and O2 bung fitted for mapping purposes.
This downpipe allows high flow compares to the stock unit which has smaller piping and restrictive elbow. It is a complete bolt-on unit to perfectly fit the stock turbo and the stock heat shield can be re-installed easily. Faster boost response throughout, consistent torque increase and much higher horsepower gained from the TR EVO X downpipe even with the stock exhaust system.

Contents of Kit:
• Widemouth Downpipe
• Gaskets
• Bolts

$385.00 picked up!!