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02-17-2012, 01:05 PM
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****TWM Performance GROUP BUY on our Mitsubishi Evo X Short Shifter and Full Replacement Short Shifter****

Hi Everyone,

Once again, TWM Performance has decided to start a big GROUP BUY sale on both our Mitsubishi Evo X Short Shifter (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/2008-mitsubishi-evo-x-shortshifters.htm) and our Mitsubishi Evo X Full Replacement Short Shifter (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/2008-mitsubishi-evo-x-full-replacement-shortshifters.htm)! The group buy is active starting NOW (February 17th) and will close on March 2nd at 11:59pm! We will be accepting payment until March 4th at 11:59pm

The Mitsubishi Evo X Short Shifter (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/2008-mitsubishi-evo-x-shortshifters.htm) is currently priced at $184.95; while the Mitsubishi Evo X Full Replacement Short Shifter (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/2008-mitsubishi-evo-x-full-replacement-shortshifters.htm) is priced at $409.95.

However for the group buy we are going to give you a great deal! The rebate will start at 10% off of the above price with a MINIMUM of 5 people. If we get more than 10 people into the group buy, we will offer 15% off of the current price!

So that is:
0-4 orders = Normal pricing
5-9 orders = 10% off of entire order
10+ orders = 15% off of entire order

This 15% is applicable to your ENTIRE TWM Performance order when you buy a Mitsubishi Evo X Short Shifter (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/2008-mitsubishi-evo-x-shortshifters.htm) or a Mitsubishi Evo X Full Replacement Short Shifter (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/2008-mitsubishi-evo-x-full-replacement-shortshifters.htm)!

So now is the BEST time to pick-up the ULTIMATE Short Shifter Kit for YOUR Mitsubishi Evo X:

http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/images/shortshifter.jpg (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/mitsubishi-evo-x-gateway.htm)
http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/images/evo-x-full-replacement.jpg (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/mitsubishi-evo-x-gateway.htm)

Here are the specs of the TWM Performance Mitsubishi Evo X Short Shifter and the Full Replacement Unit (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/mitsubishi-evo-x-gateway.htm), acclaimed as the best in the industry by the community:

Short Shifter:

- 30% throw reduction
- 1.25" height reduction
- Lifetime Warranty

Full Replacement Short Shifter:

- 30% throw reduction
- 1.25" height reduction
- 22% side to side throw reduction
- 100% increased rigidity
- Solid base bushings included
- Ball bearing design for smooth operation
- Available in combo with a weighted shift knob
- Lifetime Warranty

Why pick up a TWM Performance Shirt Shifter for your Evo X? It’s simple; not only for the reasons above, but our Short Shifters are we've designed a Shifter with a Dual Bend to correct the awkward OEM Shifter Positioning and we include a FREE Tool to help with installation. In addition, the full replacement unit completely replaces the stock plastic shifter assembly with a top of the line, all metal shifter assembly. Combining unique designs in the industry such as sealed ball bearings for smooth and precise shifts, solid cables attachments for ultimate safety, this is the ULTIMATE Short Shifter for YOUR Evo X!

The one thing you do the most when you drive your car is shift, so I don’t even have to convince you that it’s worth spending the money on a quality product. We believe it’s all in the small details. By purchasing a TWM Performance Short Shifter, you are purchasing quality, functionality, durability and a customer service like no other. Our attention to detail is what makes our products rise above the competition every time!

Shifters are our business; they’re our specialty. We do only that, all day long!

Also take advantage of this group buy offer to pick up any of our other Mitsubishi Evo X products and also receive 15% off on them:

-TWM Performance Base Bushings (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/mitsubishi-evo-x-gateway.htm)
-TWM Performance Cable Bushings (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/mitsubishi-evo-x-gateway.htm)
-TWM Performance Transmission Arm Bushing (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/mitsubishi-evo-x-gateway.htm)
-TWM Performance Shift Knobs (http://www.twmperformance.com/shortshifters/mitsubishishortshifters/mitsubishi-evo-x-gateway.htm)

Now for the important part! To get in on this group buy, add your name to the following list with your order beside it! (MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THE LIST). Once the two weeks is up, we will provide everyone with a DISCOUNT CODE good for the applicable rebate, and you will then be able to purchase through our shopping cart terminal!

So as of right now, all you guys need to do is sign up to the list. Here is an example of what we're looking for:

1. EVOX1234 --------------------- Short Shifter + Complete Bushing Kit + Type R Gunmetal Finish
2. EVOX2234 -------------------- FR Short Shifter + Complete Bushing Kit + M1 Abrams Stainless Finish
3. EVOX3234 -------------------- Short Shifter + Base Bushings + M1 Abrams Black Pearl Finish
4. EVOX4234 -------------------- FR Short Shifter + M1 Abrams Gunmetal Finish + Bushing Kit

Feel free to ask any questions you may have by posting in this thread, sending us a pm, sending us an email ([email protected]), or by giving us a call toll free at 1-877-655-0540.


Team TWM Performance