• Treyzian

    by Published on 06-20-2014 06:27 PM

    Hey guys, as you know, this year's winning MOD design isn't the best. That's why we're making our own with a design Macky's friend came up with. (Also, this is completely NON-PROFIT. You pay for the t-shirt and the t-shirt only, nobody pockets any money.)

    T-shirt prices will breakdown like this:

    10-20 = $20 a shirt
    20+ = $17 a shirt

    And I'll be paying for expedited shipping to make it in time for MOD (and if you want to chip in a dollar for this, that'd be helpful :P). I'll be placing the order June 25th to make sure we get it in time for MOD.

    ***If you're in, please copy and add your name to this list with YOUR SHIRT SIZE, as well as PayPal the $20 to "[email protected]" (if the shirts end up costing less, I will refund you the extra, either through PayPal or when you pick it up at MOD):***

    1. Jeff (Treyzian) XL - Paid
    2. Hugo (Evoix007) M - Paid
    3. Macky (Macky) L - Paid
    4. Juan (evo_jfa) M - Paid
    5. Hervert (Supreme Leader and T-shirt designer) L - Paid
    6&7. DizEvoIX - (1) 2XL & (1)M - Paid
    8. Roger (rawger) XL - Paid
    9. Shea (GTILoverBoywhosoldhisMitsuForAGTI) L - Paid
    10. Paul (jdmdingdong4u) XL - Paid
    11. Rick (EvoMr420) L - Paid
    12. Dennis (bby_evo) L - Paid

    Pic (low resolution, real shirt will be a higher resolution):