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    - U.S. pricing to start at $25,7951
    - Only vehicle in segment to offer standard three-row seating
    - North American sales to commence in April 2021

    FRANKLIN, Tenn. – As part of a game-changing collaboration with Amazon, MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (MMC) today revealed the all-new 2022 OUTLANDER crossover SUV via livestream, the first vehicle to ever debut on Amazon Live.2 All-new from the wheels up, the 2022 Outlander features a new design direction for both this vehicle and the brand, plus the premium quality, rugged performance and innovative technology expected of a Mitsubishi Motors vehicle.

    The flagship of the Mitsubishi Motors line, it is reimagined and reinvented in every way, and is the best-equipped, most thoughtfully engineered vehicle the company has ever developed. Outlander gears up for sale in North America first in April 2021, with other global markets to follow.

    With a U.S. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price starting at $25,7951, the all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander delivers the equipment, quality and lasting value that Mitsubishi customers have come to expect of the brand. Full pricing and packaging details will be made available at a later date.

    If you missed it, the reveal can be viewed here:

    Published on 07-17-2020 02:39 PM

    This time of year we usually have MOD but since it's no more we can remember all the old MODs

    Published on 05-14-2019 01:38 PM



    May 13, 2019
    Since 2005, Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) has proudly hosted Mitsubishi Owners’ Day (MOD) at our headquarters in Cypress, California, celebrating our heritage and the culture that thousands of passionate Mitsubishi owners have created. Every year, we enjoyed spending time with people who love our cars and our brand as much as we do – so much so that we added MOD events at various other locations around the country. With so much positive change happening at MMNA in the last couple of years, now seems like the right time to update and improve the way we engage with our owners, too. Consequently, MMNA will not host our annual July MOD gathering or our traditional MOD East event in 2019. But fear not, we’re hatching a plan to make MOD even better and more accessible than ever, and we’ll share our plans just as soon as they’re ready.


    Driving the Last Brand-New Mitsubishi Evo to its Grave

    Mitsubishi was forced to send this preproduction 2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition to the crusher. We gave it one last ride.


    JAN 10, 2019

    Checkout the event here:[%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard%5C%22%2C% 5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22main_list%5C%22%2C%5C %22extra_data%5C%22%3A[]%7D]%22%7D

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    Published on 09-23-2016 10:23 AM

    From the article:


    The very last Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution hammered away at an online auction for a winning bid of $76,400. As with the first Final Edition Lancer Evo, the proceeds will be donated to charity. However, unlike the previous $46,200 donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, this last Final Edition’s auction money will go towards two food banks -- Feeding America Riverside / San Bernardino and the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.
    Mitsubishi built just 1,600 of these Lancer Evo Final Edition models. Powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged I4, the Lancer Evo sent 303 hp and 305 lb-ft of twist through a five-speed manual transmission to all four of the Yokohama-wrapped Enkei wheels. The special-edition Evos were tuned more aggressively than the run-of-the-mill Lancer Evos, which were rated at 291 hp and 300 lb-ft (and are gone, too).
    Over 10 generations, three of which actually came to the United States, the Lancer Evo has become a staple at rally stages, drag strips and road courses alike. While we’re sad to see the Lancer Evo fade away, we are curious what Mitsubishi will build to try to fill the void -- if anything.

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