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  • Saw a link to it on

    17 15.89%
  • I received a card.

    2 1.87%
  • I saw it advertised on another Evo (decal).

    13 12.15%
  • Someone told me about it.

    46 42.99%
  • Youtube

    3 2.80%
  • Saw an ad in a magazine.

    0 0%
  • Other (please reply to thread)

    26 24.30%
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Thread: How did you find out about

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    How did you find out about

    sheer luck, no regrets afterwards

    Sportback Evolution MR

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    How did you find out about

    magazine article about GT40's car in Nopi Street.

    man that car is kick a$$

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    How did you find out about

    whille parking at work i saw a silver Evo and i parked next to it and when i got out of work i had a letter on my window to visit this website

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    How did you find out about

    I heard about it on EVOM.......Had my weightless white 04 about 3 weeks now......wanted to find some people in or around Ventura County area..........

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    How did you find out about

    i just love evos and went searching for a site that does as well.

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    How did you find out about

    The guys at Road Race Engineering ie. Robi..
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    How did you find out about

    im driving along ventura blvd.i saw a yellow viper the driver is cool as ice he told me to visit the site( and he told me that he has a blue byyou

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    How did you find out about

    erik @ hbmitsubishi told me about it
    illuzionz 1.0

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    How did you find out about

    saw this silver evo one day. The guy in there told me to go to a evo meet. haha little i know that guys name was Dino. haha

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    How did you find out about

    Found it through Rob (Coolguy949)

    Funny Story,

    I actually drive one of them "Hot Rod Nay0ns" but a few days before I got my car I see this sweet, loud ass Black Evo with So Cal Evo decals on the back side windows cruising, I happen to be in my sisters Mini Cooper and I look over and give him a thumbs up and he replies back. Then I see him post on srtforums as Coolguy949 and see that he has a Black Evo8 and lives in Foothill Ranch, thought to myself it might be teh guy I saw when I was in my sisters Cooper. I find is AIM Screen name and what do you know, it was teh same guy. Through Rob, I have met a few of you and I must say, you guys are a fun bunch. Also met eRR0r, which I went to CEI with, and Dino which is one funny muthafizzle.

    Sorry for the long message :D
    Rob<br />2003 Redfire Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

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    How did you find out about

    Trannb told me bout it
    RS STwhy? four doors, two seats, 23 psi of boost...

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    How did you find out about

    last page of sports compact
    Perrin DP, BOV, IC, catback exhaust, Cusco 6 point cage, Evo 7 front bumper, mr headlights, beatrush underpanel

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    How did you find out about

    Sticker on the Blue one in SAVI Ranch (Around the corner from John Force Racing)

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    How did you find out about

    The condensed version:

    I practically attend Fudds in Lake Forest religiously.

    One day I brought my import to the show instead of the domestic and parked outside the show (as opposed to inside the tape.) I met 2 Evo's there; One a beautiful looking White RS with dealer plates (Boosted), and the other a Red Evo with NICE black Rally-Art Rims that had a red line along the side of them. His name was Dave and claimed to be a mod on this forum. I told them I've heard of this forum thru other boards (srtforums,socalsrt, etc..) but only lurked. They both said... "Stay away from that $hit."

    If that wasn't an invite... I don't know what is.

    The next day I introduced myself to this forum and the rest is history.

    Ruben F.
    <br />

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    How did you find out about

    Awesome. I Normally go to Fudds too, but I've been out of town on a business trip.

    "The only thing you have to remember about an evo though, is that to get the best out of it, you need to go beyond the line where bravery becomes insanity. Shall I turn in to this hairpin bend at 100 miles per hour? Why not. What's gonna happen? Nothing!" - Top Gear

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    How did you find out about

    when i bought my car at hb mitsu, erik told me i might want to check this forum out and the rest is history
    no one on this forum knows how to spell.

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    How did you find out about

    Saw sticker on Alfredo's car @ SD Fusion Meet.
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    How did you find out about

    I saw a white Evo in the Vons parking lot on Crown Valley. It had the JDM tail lights and the "blacked" out head light assemblies like the blue Sparco Evo. I met the owner who's name is Richard or Rick, sorry I can't remember. He told me about this website and the usual meet up at the Black Angus in Tustin. I don't have an Evo yet, but plan on getting one this year. Currently I have a 97' GS-T.
    God made man and man made cars...

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    How did you find out about

    Don&#039;t argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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    How did you find out about

    Ran into NRG when my evo was bran-spankin new...

    He told me about this site and the next thing I knew I was delivering tofu in the local mountains with a bunch of fellow evos.(socalevomeet#3)

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