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Thread: 400 pounds of marijuana = 18months in jail

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    Re: 400 pounds of marijuana = 18months in jail

    Quote Originally Posted by usmc0311
    jesus. Someone want to be a millionair. lol
    holy raising old topics batman!<br />

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    Re: 400 pounds of marijuana = 18months in jail

    god bless america!!!!!!
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    Re: 400 pounds of marijuana = 18months in jail

    this shit right here! this shit right here! this shit right here ! this shits called def nigga!

    do you mean ill smoke this shit and die nigga!

    naw nigga not death...def you smoke this shit and wont be able to hear for hours son!!!

    what nigga this shit makes you go def i got shit to do today!!!!...i got kids and bills to pay!!!
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    Honestly, I can't understand those who make such laws. Of course, the smuggling is bad and must be combated, but we live in the 21st century, so maybe it is time to acknowledge that marijuana products can be very useful and helpful in case we use them the right way. I also was in the opinion that marijuana is the worst product I won't ever try, but I had some health problems and at that time, I tried a lot of medicaments, and the only product that helped me is magic mushrooms which I bought from this online store
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    Go green!

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