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Thread: noisy injectors???

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    noisy injectors???

    so for a while i've been hearing a weird tapping noise coming from my engine bay. at first i thought it was an exhaust leak, then i thought it might be valve tapping. i recently took my car to a shop for a better diagnosis, and the guy said he was "pretty sure" it was my injecors. he said that injectors can get pretty noisy, and that it was normal. "good to go" were his exact choise of words. anyone else having the same issue? sounds like an exhaust leak or a very mild valve tap but its actually your injectos? please help... im kinda worried.

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    Re: noisy injectors???

    If you want to find out for sure, pick up one of these;
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    Re: noisy injectors???

    thats wat the guy used when he checked out my car. but then he said he was pretty sure.... he didnt sould like he was 100% convicned. does your car make a light tapping noise too?
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    Re: noisy injectors???

    I have PTE780's and they are really loud. I used the stethoscope and listened to the engine starting at the front of the valve cover and moved to the back. The ticking got a lot louder towards the back and was really loud around the injectors.
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    Re: noisy injectors???

    i get the same sound....

    but mine gets louder when i use my breaks...

    it might be my ABS....not sure...

    my integra made that sound and it was the ABS system....

    i have 660s...stupid ticking sound...boohoo

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    Re: noisy injectors???

    yep sounds like injectors... nothing big.. just normal

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    Re: noisy injectors???

    i get the same noise. It was not as noticeable when I first bought my evo but I am pretty confident its the injectors. I have an espelir exhaust so it helps to drown the noisy injectors a bit. LOL!!

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    normal everything is noisy on evos
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    I agree that it is normal to have some injector noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Evo Beauty View Post
    normal everything is noisy on evos

    bumping a 10 year old thread lol

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