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Thread: Chucks Junk Yard

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    Chucks Junk Yard

    is fucking gay. they have about six car that have been crashed. and i just called them and i told them if they are selling the parts and they told me that all they are selling are the lights wheel and stuff like that. and interior. and i asked about engine part and they said no. that they are gonna try to sell all that together. engine tranny and all that shit together.. i was like ok..w.e so ya fuck chucks junk yard but still gonnna see if i can pick up some nice wheels or bumpers or sometyhing ahhaha

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    Re: Chucks Junk Yard

    <br />&quot;This is my evo;there are many like it,but this one is mine.My evo is my bestfriend.It is my life;I must master it like I must master my life.Without me,my evo is useless.Without my evo,I am useless.I must streetrace my evo true.I must drive straighter than my enemy who is trying to run me.I must beat him before he beats me;I WILL.&quot;<br /><br /><br />i promise im stock officer!

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    Re: Chucks Junk Yard

    Quote Originally Posted by pjb00stin

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    Re: Chucks Junk Yard

    so they have 6 crashed evo's?
    <br />wat do i need ? i have 2 thousand dollars i fullexahaust system but i dont know wat else to get for my car my plan was a racing fuel pump buster controll racing headers and dyno tunes let me know. my friend was tellinh me about a turbo netic t 3 im kinda losing my mind wat should i do<br />
    <br /><br />
    <br />i grabbed my evo used. nd when i grab it. It was toon. nd i decided to put a bov so i think dat untuned my car nd i was wonderin where i may go to get it tuned nd stuff... so if ne can help me out thanx nd i live around ventura county, ca..thanks again

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    Re: Chucks Junk Yard

    wel actually they have seven

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    Re: Chucks Junk Yard

    Any X's in there?

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    Re: Chucks Junk Yard

    honestly that whole post made no sense and in incomprehensible.

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    Re: Chucks Junk Yard

    wheres this place at

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    Re: Chucks Junk Yard

    same thing where is this junk yard loc plz

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    Re: Chucks Junk Yard

    oxnard ca, off hueneme road

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    Re: Chucks Junk Yard

    there is really 7 evos there?? by any chance u have the address?

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