Looking for something as simple as a new set of performance street brake pads, an aggressive track pad, or maybe even a big brake upgrade kit?

Muellerized... has you covered!* Check out the large sampling from our inventory below (click the picture for a large version):

Pictured parts for Evo 8/9 and X:
Muellerized... Stainless Steel Brake Line Set
GiroDisc F/R Magic Pads - Solid Street Pad
GiroDisc Titanium Pad Heat Shields and Rear Pad Adapters for Evo X (allows you to run Evo 8/9 rears in any X)
Raybestos ST-43 F/R Race Pads - Serious hardcore track pad
Project F/R Mu NS - High Performance Street Pad
Project F/R Mu Club Racer - Solid Track Pad

BONUS: Wondering where that HUGE GiroDisc rotor is from?* It's none other than the FIFTEEN INCH Nissan Skyline R35 GTR 2 piece super rotor that we are test fitting for them next week.* It's bigger than most Honda wheels!

Please e-mail (preferred), call, or PM us for pricing so that we can set you up!* *

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