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Thread: Android Users...

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    Re: Android Users...

    i made a video of mine hooked up to a navi.

    this video was pretty fail, video that wouldnt show, bluetooth conlficts etc, so i made a second, it should be almost done processing

    *edit* second video up

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    Re: Android Users...

    How did you get the boost to read? Mine wont read for some reason. Im starting to think its because i have a manual boost controller.

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    Re: Android Users...

    i have mbc too, it just read, its wrong though anyways, and it shows max of like 5psi

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    Re: Android Users...

    Yeah i cant even get mine to read at all. What adapter are you using?

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    Re: Android Users...

    just a cheapy obdII bluetooth dongle i bought off ebay, which is why i wasnt surprised that boost was far from accurate.

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