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Thread: PRE-ORDER SALE!! NEW Race Shaft Short Shifter for YOUR Evo X --- TWM Performance

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    PRE-ORDER SALE!! NEW Race Shaft Short Shifter for YOUR Evo X --- TWM Performance

    ****PRE-ORDER SALE!! ULTIMATE Race Shaft Short Shifter for YOUR Evo X by TWM Performance ****

    Hi Everyone,

    After a LONG and anticipated wait, it’s FINALLY here! TWM Performance introduces the NEW Race Shaft for the Evolution X Full Replacement CAGED short shifter! TWM Performance Mitsubishi Short Shifters are the ULTIMATE Short Shifters for YOUR Car, but we’re taking it one step further with a RACE inspired Shifter Shaft!

    This means that this RACE SHAFT is an absolute MUST for anyone who will be tracking their Evo X for many reasons!

    The TWM Performance RACE SHAFT optimizes our CAGED Full Replacement Short Shifter by reducing the throws by 25% and positioning the shift knob 2.75" higher than stock! This means shifts can be quicker by reducing the time it takes for your hand to move from the steering wheel to the shifter; allowing you to have BOTH hands on the steering wheel to nail EVERY turn on the track!

    If you already have the Evo X street shaft there’s nothing to worry about! The street and race shafts are INTERCHANGEABLE; It merely bolts into the cage which takes only 5 minutes with the center console removed!

    Here are the specs for the TWM Performance Evo X Race Shaft:

    - 25% throw reduction
    - 2.75" higher than stock
    - 22% side to side throw reduction
    - 100% increased rigidity
    - Solid base bushings included
    - Ball bearing design for smooth operation
    - Available in combo with a weighted shift knob
    - Lifetime Warranty


    -Mitsubishi Evolution X with TWM Performance Full Replacement CAGE

    So now on to the important part! The Short Shifter is now on Pre-Order! This means that we need a MINIMUM of 20 ORDERS!* If the minimum number of orders is not met, EVERYONE will be fully reimbursed. We will be giving SPECIAL PRICING to people who place their orders on the PRE-ORDER to be shipped on the JANUARY 4th, 2012!


    -Evo X Race Short Shifter (I already have the cage): $179.95 USD
    -Full replacement short shifter (cage + race short shifter): $409.95 USD

    Getting on the pre-order will insure that you get the Very FIRST batch of shifters to market! To get on the PRE-ORDER, simply Place Your Order at the Link Below. You’ll be put on the list of the first Short Shifters to ship!

    -TWM Performance Full Replacement CAGED Short Shifter --- CLICK HERE To get in on the PRE-ORDER!

    Also be sure to check out our Premium Weighted SHIFT KNOBS available in a combo deal with the Shifter at the link below! You can SAVE up to $30 on the purchase of Your Shift Knob!

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have by posting in this thread, sending us a pm, sending us an email ([email protected]), or by giving us a call toll free at 1-877-655-0540* * * .


    Team TWM Performance
    The FIRST Mod YOU Need, The BEST Mod YOU Will Ever Have!<br />TWM Performance Short Shifters<br />TWM Performance Shift Knobs<br />Join Us On Facebook!

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    race shifter plus all the bushings shipped to 90503?

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