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Thread: evo x - proper Recaro seat position.

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    evo x - proper Recaro seat position.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering the right position for the Recaro?

    I was under the impression that comfort was priority and I mostly drove with the back rest at an angle. but I see most if not all racers that race with the seat almost at a 90 degree with their heads and backs touching the seat.

    Is my head suppose to touch the head rest or be within 1 or 2 inches?

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    Re: evo x - proper Recaro seat position.

    If you are "Jack in the Box", you would need to recline it a lot.....As a semi-serious answer, I think the seat harness bar that properly holds the shoulder straps- somewhat restricts how far the seat can recline. So you see all the race car drivers sitting upright.
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    Re: evo x - proper Recaro seat position.

    The best position is your position, when I do events I recline it back a little sit on the seat with my butt all the way to the back straight start rolling it forward until I feel it feels like my whole body alines to the seat straight posture u can say like 90 degree angle with my head touching the head rest then all I do is give it about half an inch on the knob rotation back for my helmet , so it won't push my neck forward

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    Re: evo x - proper Recaro seat position.

    sitting perfectly upright with the stock evo X seats is difficult with a helmet on. Adjusting the seats is a compromise since the car doesn't have height adjustment or a telescoping steering wheel. I have to lean back my seat just enough to keep the helmet from forcing my head forward like I'm performing auto-fellatio.

    it's what drove me nuts about a lot of ford models of a few years ago. The headrests on those cars were so forward canted without adjustability that they drove me nuts just sitting in them. Now try it with a helmet.. Ford made me want to ragequit from a rental Fusion I was driving to Arizona.
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    Re: evo x - proper Recaro seat position.


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