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Thread: Open helpdesk position in Sorrento Valley

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    Open helpdesk position in Sorrento Valley

    One of our helpdesk guys is leaving on the 31st so we're looking to fill the position ASAP. We are in the middle of several BIG projects so the sooner you're available to start the better. The job opening hasn't been posted yet so I don't have the full details right now, but I figured I would get the word out early to see if I could help out any of my fellow Evo owners.

    This is more of an entry level type of position but the company is currently growing at a very rapid pace so there is lots of room for growth. In fact, we will be moving into a much larger office at the end of the year as we have completely outgrown our current office. Currently have around 90 employees at the Sorrento Valley office with another 25-30 remote users across the country.

    The position is full time and you'd be working from 6:00AM - 3:00PM. Sharepoint and web dev/support experience is a huge plus, or at least the desire/willingness to learn those technologies. The standard certs like A+, Net+, etc., are also preferred. You would be working on a team consisting of 2 other helpdesk guys, a network administrator (myself), and the IT Director.

    PM me if you're interested and I will got you more information as it becomes available.


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    Re: Open helpdesk position in Sorrento Valley

    Damn back in the day I really wanted something like this but my tattoos seem to keep me from it even with my a+.

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    Re: Open helpdesk position in Sorrento Valley

    That's pretty lame, as far as I'm concerned we have no issues with tattoos here. In fact, one of the other helpdesk guys has several and there's a couple other guys in other departments that have some too. It's a fairly laid back environment, not too "stuffy" if you know what I mean.

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    Re: Open helpdesk position in Sorrento Valley

    damn, now only if i lived closer lol
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