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    Rallinspired Rick @ RRE

    Another great tune from rick. My last one was a street tune and the only point for that tune was to get the tune fixed. This time I decided to finally switch to E85. Anyways started out early morning I my self showed a little later then planned. My Precision 1200 injectors were installed by Robert who was also very helpful as well as installing the new 3 port. The first fuel map was with 91 obviously to adjust for the injectors and the 3port. surprisingly Rick once again worked his magic and we actually gained more power again. I went from 276awhp to 317awhp on 91. Moving on to the good stuff. most of the 91 was drained till we could throw in the E85. First pull on e85 got us to 350. 2nd pull 383. After rick did what he does best squeezed just a little more out of it and finished at E85 @27psi we made 376TQ and 390HP. It was truly a great experience once again. Still have plans on coming back to rick no matter which shop hes at. Highly suggest anyone that needs a tune or any help to Rick. As well RRE was a great place. Didnt work to much with the other guys around the shop at all but everyone was very polite and had no problem answering questions and sharing knowledge. Great experience with rick and everyone that helped.
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    Glad to be of service.* Your 03 did very well for having 122k miles, the stock 9.8 turbo, and stock cams.* Let us know whenever you need anything else.* Enjoy it!

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