Just a quick shout-out to the Muellerized team. Finally track tested my Stage 1+ setup this Wednesday (Open Track Racing). The ability of the car is quite confidence inspiring. Tight, responsive steering and just a touch loose without any computer assistance, just the way I like it. If there is any criticism at all for the handling it would have to be the stock Evo tires, which are definitely wearing out.

After pulling off the track I checked the tire temps and found my driver front at 170 outside, 170 middle, 160 inside, 41psi, with a ground temp of 85 degrees. Maybe I should have asked for a wee bit more negative camber, but this is the exact compromise I requested, a bit more emphasis on tire longevity. It's what I asked for and what I got and it was a great day to drive at Big Willow. Thank you all again.

I ran into a gentleman who was in a silver 2013 GSR who had also been Muellerized, except with a "stage 3" setup. I spotted a set of Ohlin coilovers behind big fat 275-35-18 competition tires. He was slumming in Blue run group for his first track day with that setup but he too was quite happy with his ride. Didn't catch his name.