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Thread: WTT: EVO X ETS v2 exhaust

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    Talking WTT: EVO X ETS v2 exhaust

    Just got this exhaust a week ago (Brand New) so it has around 100 miles on it

    i was disappointing with the exhaust note so its why i want to let go

    Its quality is very good and looks very good !

    im open for any 3in catbacks single and dual

    for pics and offers text or call @ 818 693 7534

    maybe be thinking of selling too
    evooooo!! =]

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    I txted u dude
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    What dont you like about it?

    Too quiet? too loud?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister View Post
    What dont you like about it?

    Too quiet? too loud?
    yes its a little too loud for me... the Quality is great!
    evooooo!! =]

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    Quote Originally Posted by evoX600RR View Post
    I txted u dude
    cool! please tell me you where the one who we discuss a megan exhaust trade?
    evooooo!! =]

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    Is this the quiet version or loud(extreme) I'd be interested in the extreme

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    it is the ets v2 regular .. has two resonators on it ..soo maybe quiet version???? not to be confused with ets quiet muffler exhuast!
    evooooo!! =]

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    Is your exhaust single or dual tip?

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