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Thread: sd road tuners

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    sd road tuners

    anybody in SD, thats good at road tuning? i cant really make the drive to LA and dont wanna go to the shops here in sd. if anybody has some expertise in road tuning and can help me out, that would be great.

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    NOT so much in S.D.......better find a day where you're free and go with Looney Tune before he leaves on a trip or go to RRE.

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    Tuning technologies has done the best job for me on tunes. Give them a call I am sure Alfred can help u out

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    We tune at night since people gotta come from all over to get tuned. We do a San Diego car at least a couple times a week. Weekends are a possibility too. We have a car coming from Calexico tomorrow night for Scot to tune. Even people in LA cant hardly get across town in normal working hours. We know it takes a good day job to pay for all this stuff. If your setup isnt too crazy and budget is a big issue, Scot or Rick both do road tunes. But we can get a lot more done and a lot safer on the dyno.

    Mike W

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