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Thread: Evo IX GSR HTA Green with supporting mods 91 and E85

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    Evo IX GSR HTA Green with supporting mods 91 and E85

    Here is another Evo IX that we completed about 5 months ago. This engine has been on the stock turbo making 420+whp for several years. The owner wanted a little more out of her so we did a few upgrades.

    2006 Evo IX GSR

    This car has all the boltons, I won't bore you guys with listing every single one but I will list the power adders

    272 Cams
    Invidia O2H
    Tuning Technologies ported Intake Manifold
    Tuning Technologies ported Exhaust Manifold
    Tuning Technologies ported Turbine Housing
    Ball Bearing FP Green Turbocharger
    Turboback exhaust non dumped
    Dual Walbro's
    Tuning Technologies 3 port
    Tuning Technologies dual remapped ecu for 91 and E85

    Customer requested a safe and reliable tune and that is what we gave him. You have to run the smaller Greens a little harder for 500whp but they do it :

    JO 91 E85.jpg

    Thanks for reading, more to come


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    How much to port the intake and exhaust manifold?

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    good power :) of course with a great tuner behind the wheel doing his magic
    = for all your needs call [email protected] -909-783-1200

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    That is awsome!
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    Great numbers Alfred! For a Green, that's a healthy car!
    *KTMotoring Tuned*

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