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Thread: 2.4L Stroker with OG FP Green on E85

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    2.4L Stroker with OG FP Green on E85

    This is a Evo that was brought to us in poor health and disrepair. We saw potential in her, cleaned her up, replaced some parts, performed some maintenance and re-tuned her. The last tuner was WAY too aggressive with ignition timing and boost which in turn killed the head gasket. You don't need to force proper setups to make power they will make it willingly.

    The customer wanted to get the car back to a strong, reliable level. He wanted to daily drive it without worrying if something was going to go wrong......again. Car has been on the road for months now with zero issues.

    Mods are basic to include:

    Stock airbox
    OG FP Green turbocharger
    2.4L low comp engine
    272 Cams
    Tuning Technologies 3 port
    Tuning Technologies E85 tune

    Boost was set at a very conservative 22psi peak tapering to about 20psi at redline. Theres nothing like a stroker engine mated with a smaller turbo that can actually flow some air. Spoolup is excellent as you can see by the 360lbft. of torque before 3500rpm.

    This car is capable of 500whp and 500wtq whenever the owner is ready

    SB 2.4Green Conserv.jpg

    Thanks for looking


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    Nice! Pm me how much to do all that on evo 8

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    Great work as always
    = for all your needs call [email protected] -909-783-1200

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    Those are some nice numbers. Not to aggressive with plenty of room to go I bet.

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    Always love when torque is higher than HP.
    Great numbers Alfred!!
    *KTMotoring Tuned*

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    Hey alfred is it worth it to tune with just changing 02housing?
    My car has a dual map tune from ur shop...

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    not all o2's are created equal.

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    ViVa tuning technologies
    = for all your needs call [email protected] -909-783-1200

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