Alrite so I'm hoping you guys can guide me in this or had the same trouble as I am currently having. My at died on me and never turned back on as I exited the highway. Got towed home and checked the car I couldn't find any other solution on why it was working I was gonna get the fuel pump but I hear it pumping and I was on a full tank so I didn't wanna check it. I moved up to my spark plugs and found out the my spark plugs where good I had a spare good spark plug and noticed that my coil pack for spark plug 2&3 where not sparking so I though it was the coil pack, as I swapped the coil pack to where the 1&4 where I saw that my coil pack was sparking now. So the connection to my coil pack for 2&3 spark plug is bad?? Not the best person when it comes to wiring so I've been breaking my head all these days trying to find out what's wrong and researching but still no luck! Help!! Haha