hey guys, I wanted to ask this question because I don't know if they can legally do it or not.

But anyways, I always park in this small shopping center because the bus to school is literally steps away. Recently, a wings-n-things opened up, and they have a bit of parking right outside their establishment.

I always parked my car right in the middle between the restaurant and a bank of america, and there are no signs (there were signs, but they took it off for some reason) that states it is reserved for customers only.

However, these douches (employees) in the restaurant started scoping me out every time I leave and grab my backpack to catch the bus and when I come back.

I'm not parked directly in front of their restaurant but in the middle. I'm a bit hesitant they may call the tow, and wanted to ask if they can legally do that even though there are no signs restricting customers only?