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Thread: RRE Exhaust

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    RRE Exhaust

    Anybody know if RRE still makes their "Dual Chris" exhaust? The one with no mufflers. Also, does anybody know someone that has it? I am curious to hear it in person. Thanks

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    RRE can still make the exhaust or any other configuration you could dream of.
    I do not have a clip of the exhaust you are talking about
    there is more info here:

    and this video:

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    I had the rre single exit stealth exhaust for a year and it was great but too quiet for me on the track....I called mike W. and he said take pics of the exhaust and send them to him...with in 3-4 days i had on my doorstep a straight pipe for the last section of my exhaust....Put it on the next morning sounds I'm running a complete straight through exhaust single exit....looks great and sounds incredible....RRE for the win! have them fab up the single exit and paint it black, u cant see it but sounds great...

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    My cousin had both the 'Chris Loud' dual and the stelath single on his X, the Chris Loud was...well, pretty damn loud whereas the Stealth single exhaust was really quiet even with a test pipe.

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    bought a test pipe from rre def love that raspy sound on my evo now :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by illestdavid View Post
    bought a test pipe from rre def love that raspy sound on my evo now :)
    Did you get a regular Test pipe or the rally cat (test pipe with the catalytic converter heat shield)..?

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    I remember I heard the chris exhaust when I was looking to get an exhaust from RRE and that thing was loud! I settled on the single exit option and its fairly quiet when you're puttering around but gets louder when you are ready to hoon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeredithRachel View Post
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