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Thread: Evo X Stability Control and understeer?

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    Evo X Stability Control and understeer?


    I'm not really into canyon driving much, but I just had a question about the stability control on my X MR. What I come down to is, it won't help if you go into a corner and brake really late and understeer? it only helps if i am exiting a corner and it senses that I am oversteering too much and about to break traction? Also how would this do agaisnt a 370z stock? Any tips for driving would be appreciated. I rather be really conservative.

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    stability control won't help you out of a terminal understeer situation like what you're describing. stability control and ABS systems cannot rewrite the laws of physics.

    if you brake late and overload the front tires to the point they lose grip, no amount of power or braking or combination of the two (i.e. stability control) will get you to retrace your original intended line.

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    Lol you can take the 370 if you have good tires and are a patient driver

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