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Thread: Car Covers revealed

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    Car Covers revealed


    A lot of you have been pming me to explain about car care stuff and people have asked me often about car covers and what I recommend. Well here is all the info you will need in determining if you need one and what kind to get.

    A car cover is a definite necessity to protect your car in or outside of a garage.

    I have been in the detail business for 18 years now, and I pretty much have seen it and done it all. In my time as a detailer many many customers asked me a number of questions regarding car covers. Here I will outline the common FAQ's about car covers and give you my take on it. Hopefully this helps people on on their quest for the right cover.

    Most people ask me first do I even need a car cover? The answer is most definitely YES! And here is why. A car is probably going to be one of the biggest investments we are going to make in our lifetimes. So it makes sense to protect it. Regardless if you plan on keeping it or not a car cover protects the car and therefore increases the value of it thus making it more valuable for trade in or to sell down the road. It also prevents the car from being stolen. What thieves cant see they wont take. So its a deterrent sometimes as well.

    What do car covers do other than obviously covering your car? Well there is a wide array of car covers to fit your specific needs. All of them are designed for one thing and thats to protect your car from sunlight, contaminants, and weather. Some are specifically designed for moisture, some for sunlight, and some for contaminants, and some do it all!

    How do I find the right one for me? Well a few things to look at when considering which car cover to buy. 1) Usually most important is price range 2) Also assess your needs, where do you park, will the car be exposed to rain, snow, dust, etc etc? All these questions must be answered in finding the right car cover for you.

    How much do they usually cost? I have seen car covers range from 30 all the way up to 600 depending on brand, needs, and quality. Obviously just like anything else you get what you pay for.

    What are the differences of car covers? Well first lets explain the weathershield type car covers which obviously protect and shield against weather. These car covers are designed with the intent to leave the car outside for extended periods of time. Most of these car covers have or at least should have some type of solution dyed UV resistant polyester fibers. They also usually feature a bonded multi layer design to not only trap contaminants but also allows the cover to breathe as well which is also just as important.

    Next is the sunblock where the car cover specifies in UVR protectant. Normally a 4 layered design to block harmful UVA and UVB rays from penetrating to your car also allows for the car to breath.

    Then we have our do it all cover which is very durable protects against snow, freezing, other precipitation and weather, sunlight, and contaminants. Sometimes having up to 8 layers and blocking contaminants up to 0.1 microns is the optimum car cover for those enthusiasts who want to protect it anywhere anytime. Normally runs about 300-500USD though.

    How can I prevent the cover from being stolen especially if I buy an expensive one. Most good car covers come with elastic corners and rubber grommets for installing of a car cover lock. Now please be careful and make sure these elastic bands and rubber grommets are car friendly. Because most are not. I always recommend making sure the elastic bands are neoprene elastic hems and they also have reinforced non scratch grommets. This will keep the cover from scratching your paint!

    Is there a correct way to install a cover? In general, always cover the front and rear bumpers as the last step. If the cover has mirror pockets, place the pockets over the mirrors first. If you have an old car you should cover the roof and windows first, and then the front and rear of the car. On some coupes and roadsters made prior to 1940, you might be unable to install the cover at all if you start with the front or the rear bumper.

    How often should I wash my cover? There is no magic number since it depends on where you live and how you use the cover. Don't be afraid to wash a car cover! Dirt particles can compromise the effectiveness of the water resistance of the fabric. Be sure to follow the washing instructions for the cover you own.

    Will treating my cover with scotchgaurd make it more water resistant? In most instances a good car cover will already be treated with some sort of DWR(durable water repellency) treatment during its manufacturing process. The effectiveness of such a treatment will also depend on the construction of the fabric. If you can hold the fabric up to light and see small open areas between the yarns, no treatment will increase the fabrics water resistance. Adding additional treatments will not help and aren't worth the cost.

    Also some other tidbits for you. In order to tell a good car cover from the rest I usually use a weight inspection. Normally a good car cover weighs around 4 to 7 ounces per sq yard. If its lighter than that chances are its not a very good car cover.

    In my time as a detailer I have worked with many products and companies. I personally like covercraft and sunbrella car cover brands. That's not to say others out there aren't as good but I and along with many of my customers have had excellent results with these. I know covercraft offers a wide array of covers to adhere to your needs offerreing 12 different fabrics and over 55000 vehicle specific patterns to chose from.

    Well hope that helps some of you considering whether or not to buy a car cover and what you should decide on getting. If you need to know please pm me for more details or other specific questions you may have.

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    Sure helps good info thanks

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    You are definitely welcome. I'm glad you read it.

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