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Thread: Opinions on these tires for a Daily?

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    Opinions on these tires for a Daily?

    Need a replacement for a set of dunlop DZ101s. Daily Driver with some spirited driving on the weekends. Wasn't really happy with with the Dunlops but they were recommended for fitment at the time.

    They will go on 18x9.5+22 wheels and the size i am looking at is 255/35.

    Anyone have experience with these three options? Do they run wide for their size? Fenders are only rolled and am using swift springs on stock IX MR billsteins.

    Grip, noise, fitment, tread life?

    Hankook Ventus V12
    Bridgestone Potenza S04
    Bridgestone Potenza Re760

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    Potenza s04 are a good choice, ive heard good things about the re760's as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kada85 View Post
    Potenza s04 are a good choice, ive heard good things about the re760's as well...
    for the price the 760's are good, there is also a BFG sport-comp. soon as you hit 180-200 you start getting in to some really nice stuff. as a general rule I like to keep my daily driver tires above 300 tread wear. that way I can at least get 15k out of them.....hopefuly.

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    For the money the RE 760 is the best of performance and longevity. I hated my DZ101 they were highly recommend by a lot of people and I only got 10k miles out of them and once they are at half life you get horrible performance out of them. I've really enjoyed the 760's a lot and performance and wear are a lot better over the Dunlop.

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    How about Michelin's? They are known to have longer tread life, though they are a bit pricey.

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    I've personally never tried Bridgestones but always wanted to but I have tried the Hankook v12's and hated them.

    I love the Nitto nto5's and the Falken 615k's. RS3 is a great tire but if you daily drive like I do they dont last long.

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