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Thread: How do you find out wheel rigidity?

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    How do you find out wheel rigidity?

    I started a thread last week asking about some current lightweight wheel options while doing some research. I came across an article about the importance of wheel rigidity. Enkei made two sets of wheels. One where the most weight was shaved off and just above the minimum threshold of rigidity. The other set made with rigidity was a priority. Result was a large difference in performance with the rigid wheel having a better time on a road course. We can all weigh wheels, but how do we determine rigidity?

    Here's where I read it.

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    Not to be a jerk(ish) but google it bro, there is lots of Data on this stuff, way more comprehensive then any collective answer you will get here.

    if you buy legit wheels, the specs will come with the warranty and spec info with the wheel (RAY's SSR, WED's, ADVAN) even though, my stuff was all in Japanese anyway.

    and unless your like running a race team, I doubt you would benefit for a car made for the street anyway. if its really important to you, VOLK's makes RT(Ridgid Tuned) versions of some wheels, which makes them a whole 10% "stiffer" only come in red.

    JWL specs will tell you about you want to know, the R+1 and R+2 are RAY's own test Vs JWL for safety measure, being X1 over spec and x2 over spec. respectively +10-20% and with RT 30% over JWL required tests. forged and LPC wheels can both be R2, but hot forged wheels will generally a harder wheel. cold forging and LPC depends a lot on the metal being used and how it was prepared. for instance even RAY's LPC wheels come from forged ingots. where HRC cold forged depends on the material in which they CNC the form.
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    Thanks for all the info, jiGGypiGGy.
    I did some searching on the JWL standards. I've seen the the markings on wheels but never knew what it was. Found an interesting video from WEDS. Would there be a difference in driving feel with a street car? I'm also curious about what kind of info comes with the wheels. I've only bought second hand and never got a card. Anything you could make out from the Japanese on the warranty and spec card?

    Here's an interesting read on jwl testing for anyone interested:

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