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Thread: Another exhaust question thread.

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    Another exhaust question thread.

    Hey guys. Newbie here with FE. After owning the car for few weeks, I think it's time for me to add the catback into it.
    After I did some research, I really like the Duel Titanium Tips from Q300. But my questions for those who currently running one. How's the fitment on this catback? Is it full 3 inch? If so, is it possible to fit with the stock cat without any issues? I also heard that you have to remove or trim your heatshield in order to make it work for this catback, is it true? Lastly, where did u guys order this catback from?
    Any other suggestions, please let me know :)

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    for 99% of the catbacks you will need to trim the cat heat shield. You will understand when you get under the car and see it.

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