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Thread: 5150 Racing Review

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    Post 5150 Racing Review

    I had my clutch installed by 5150 awhile ago and at first, to be quite honest, I was kind of sketch about them yet I heard so many good reviews from people on forums etc... Especially when they were at their old shop. It didn't look organized or professional in anyway but they did tell me they were looking for a new shop at that time.

    But after today, getting my mods installed and a tune by Jon, I understand why Jon and his team live up to their names. I am very satisfied with the installation of my mods, tune and specifically their care for my car. Their new shop looks much better despite the fact that they are still remodeling it and way more organized.

    I have never personally talked to Jon but Ralph is an awesome guy. You can ask him for anything even advice for your car. So don't be afraid to ask him for his opinion on any matter. The team is just amazing in general. They will get the job done 100%.

    I will definitely be coming back for more power.

    Enough of me talking about 5150 here are the results.

    ETS Open Dump Downpipe
    100cell no name hfc
    Grimmspeed Boost Solenoid

    Loving the numbers. Jon's the best. Keep up the great work!

    Don't forget to multiply by 15%.

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    Not bad at all, congrats!
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    Thanks man!

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    From what I've heard from a friend in my car club is his car has been sitting there for over 4 months with no progress and when he did some searching online he found there are more then a handful of people having the same issues. Supposedly they get no response from the company. There's also rumors going around that all the mechanics there quit a few weeks ago. This is only what I have heard not seen with my own eyes

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    i don't get why people don't stick to RRE or Tuning Technologies
    = for all your needs call [email protected] -909-783-1200

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