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Thread: 120 Timing Belt services

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    120 Timing Belt services

    Hello, please quote me the price for 120 timing belt services and what are included. Mine is 03 EVO 8 and its close to 120K, thank you for the great clutch job last time, still works great!
    my email: [email protected]

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    I can have the guys send you pricing on Monday when we are in the shop. Best always for fastest response is to email [email protected] over forums, Facebook, Yelp or Instagram

    Technically a 120k is a 60k service. But most people depending on the level of paranoia or budget will opt to do things a little deeper like also a timing belt tensioner, pulleys, water pump and more. There is quite a bit of discretion involved depending on how well you know your car, how long you plan on keeping it, your thoughts on double or tripling the power and how soon.... They can send you a generic guess on what the average guy might want and the average car might need. But in the real world there is no one size fits all 120k service.

    Mike W

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