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Thread: Resurected from the dead

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    Resurected from the dead

    Just like John Snow, I'm back from the dead. I see that Macky and Blaze are admins now, good on you! My '05 VIII is just under 100k miles and still my daily driver. I was at RRE a couple of weeks ago to give Honda Robert some of my hard earned cash. Still love my Evo and still get regular compliments on it from strangers. Perhaps the devaluation that started when I pulled it out of the dealership driveway will reverse now that Nissan owns most of Mitsubishi and no more Evos are being made.

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    Hey WavMixer!

    I' sorry I wasnt able to meet up with you a while back. It's just been hard to mix this hobby and real life. Recently had a baby so everything just got thrown askew again.

    Good thing is that I still have my Evo, though it doesnt get as much use. Where are you in the SGV? Maybe when my baby grows up a bit and settles in we can meet up.

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    Still have one of your badges! The Evo is still kicking as well. Great to see you're still around!

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    I live in San Gabriel and work downtown L.A. I see other Evos occasionally, usually when I'm in my wife's PT. When I'm driving my car I see mostly 10s now a days. However whenever I'm in my Evo and I spot a 8 or 9, we always acknowledge each other. 10s don't seem to notice me or acknowledge my presence.

    I was looking for something in my desk the other day and found a couple more badges. My current hobby is playing guitar. I use to play when I was younger, gave it up for 35-40 years and picked it up again a while back. I've switched from modding my car to modifying guitars. I even started a forum for anyone interested in playing music. It's at The Tone Rooms. Guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, didgeridoo or theremin. It's all good if it makes music.

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